Computer products

Online purchasing sites are listed where applicable and may require a specific login to access ASU pricing. For more information, review the computers and technology policies and procedures.

Departments supported by Business and Finance IT should view the BFIT guidelines for buying equipment and software. They can also contact the BFIT Help Desk for all computer-related purchases. BFIT will help you identify the best solution and vendor for your needs. These are the contracted or preferred vendors currently accepting the ASU P-Card:

Apple systems: 
The Sun Devil Marketplace is the official Apple campus retailer approved for all institutional department purchases. This location provides convenient one-stop shopping and delivery options for all ASU campuses. All departmental Apple purchases must be made through the Sun Devil Marketplace using a purchase order or university P-Card. For purchase orders, use the vendor code: Follet. The Sun Devil Marketplace is at the College Avenue Commons building. Email Sun Devil Marketplace or call 480-965-1385.

Dell systems: 
NAU Contract #P17GB003
The Dell Premier webpage is available in SunRISE. Users will need to visit SunRISE to create quotes or place orders with Dell. The My Premier link is in the Dell Punchout catalog.

Email Michele Sweet or you can also email Andrew Giddings.

Surface for Business: 
The Surface for Business catalog is available in SunRISE, giving all ASU campuses an easy way to purchase Surface equipment. If you are unsure which Surface is best for your needs, contact the Microsoft Support Team for a virtual demonstration to look at the Surface lineup. Email Microsoft to schedule a virtual demonstration. Additionally, the Microsoft Support team offers training for your devices and more. Email Brandon Dorfman, business solutions specialist, to make an appointment. 

With the Microsoft Complete Advanced Exchange Accidental Damage coverage on Surface, you're eligible for two device replacement claims over three years for damages like a cracked screen or liquid spill. Note: You must purchase all Surface devices with a three-year EXPSHP warranty at a minimum. There are three and four-year EXPSHP options, but three-year is the standard for ASU faculty and staff devices. Please work with your technical advisory group member if you have unique circumstances or requests.

You should receive your device 7–10 business days after placing your order.

The Microsoft Support Team is available seven days a week for all your technical needs and issues. Visit Microsoft Support for technical support with all Microsoft products and tools. For additional information related to Microsoft's support offerings, access ASU-Microsoft Support