Help requests

Business and Finance IT is committed to providing ASU Business and Finance staff with quality technology service and support in both an efficient and effective manner. If you are having trouble with a BFIT-supported device, software platform or application, you have several ways to request assistance.

The links below will take you to the ServiceNow webpage dedicated to each specific area of need. Please provide the information requested through ServiceNow in order to begin the support process.

BFIT desktop support

  • Request support for desktop, laptop, mobile device or printer. This includes requests for new software as well as assistance making technology purchases.

BFIT development and application support

  • Request application support for all Business and Finance units and supported applications.

BFIT general security inquiries

  • Intended for general security questions and guidance. For security review requests, please use the BFIT security review link below.
  • Provide support for vulnerability scanning and remediation for Business and Finance units.
  • Provide support for Financial Services and Human Resources PeopleSoft roles and access.
  • Provide assistance for HR department code modifications or additions.

BFIT security review

  • Please select the BFIT Security Review Assistant to request security reviews.
  • This is a self-guided chatbot experience that will gather necessary information to proceed with the review.

BFIT server and access management

  • Request support for any servers supported by BFIT. This includes granting or removing access to those servers and applications.

Business and Finance project management

  • Request Project Management support for all existing and new Business and Finance supported applications and processes.

Geospatial services

  • Request geospatial data.
  • Request access to CAD or Enterprise GIS services.

The links above are the best way to submit a ticket to BFIT quickly. If you cannot submit a ServiceNow ticket, you can call the BFIT helpline at 480-965-5605. Leave your name, contact information and as much detail as possible about the issue you are experiencing.