Software and hardware

Departments supported by Business and Finance IT group (BFIT) should notify BFIT of all computer-related purchases. BFIT will locate the best vendor and instruct departments on the purchasing process.

Note: Contact BFIT when any newly purchased hardware or software arrives. BTS staff members are able to properly install the hardware or software.


Computer workstations (desktop and laptop)

  • ASU Business and Finance only purchases Dell desktops and laptops.
  • Departments must go through BFIT to purchase new computer equipment. If departments purchase computer equipment without consulting BFIT, the equipment must be returned to the vendor otherwise BFIT may not be able to support the hardware.

Other Computer Equipment

  • Contact BFIT directly to obtain a quote or vendor recommendations for all other computer equipment and peripherals, such as keyboards, mice, monitors and printers.

  • BFIT will ensure the device is compatible with the existing system and is being purchased from the most cost-efficient vendor.

All computer purchases must meet BFIT standards so it can be quickly and easily imaged, deployed and serviced throughout its life.


BFIT is required to maintain a record of all licensed software used by the departments it supports. Please consult with BFIT before purchasing any software since BFIT will need to work with various departments such as the Information Security Office to ensure that the software meets security standards. The software most departments need comes pre-installed on the PCs.

  • If additional software is needed, a department must have a license for each piece of software.
    • Before purchasing new software, a department must check with BFIT to determine if a license already exists.
  • If BFIT has the software, only the license must be purchased, which can significantly reduces cost.
  • If software must be purchased, BFIT will direct the department to the best vendor.
  • Freeware is not acceptable to put on ASU-owned equipment. It is not free for our environment.
  • Please do not purchase and install software without consulting BFIT as it may present a security risk or may not work in our environment.