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Accessories and Gear

Personal bike safety and theft prevention is important. The ASU Police Department recommends using a U-lock along with a cable lock to help prevent your bike from being stolen. Never use only a cable lock.

Using high-quality safety and security items including helmets, headlights and U-locks are crucial. It is essential to have a helmet that truly protects you in an accident.

ASU Parking and Transit Services' Helmets and Headlights Program
High-quality bicycle helmets, headlights and locks at 50% off the retail price.

Prices are as follows:
Helmet, headlight/tail light set, U-lock and cable lock package: $50
Helmet, headlight/tail light set: $30
Helmet: $15
Headlight/tail light set: $15
U-lock: $25
Cable lock: $3 (or free with the purchase of a U-lock or with the purchase of the helmet, headlight/tail light and U-lock package)

Purchase helmets, lights and locks at any campus PTS office:

Tempe  (available at University Towers and Memorial Union office locations)

Other Campus Locations for U-Locks and Headlights