Police resources

Police resources

Arizona State University Police Department provides various resources for Sun Devils to learn about their personal safety.

Bike Safety

Tempe Campus Only: Court-approved option for cyclists who receive a traffic citation while riding a bike.

Bicycle diversion classes are only available online. 

ASU Online diversion class

The administrative charge of $18 is payable online.

Online classes cover:

  • Bicycle and traffic laws that bicyclists need to obey
  • Laws that bicyclists tend to get cited for the most

City of Tempe ticket

If you received a ticket from the City of Tempe, you must pay the $50 diversion fee before attending bicycle diversion class.

If you have been cited for a City Code or Title 28 Moving violation, while operating a bicycle by the City of Tempe, please visit the bicycle diversion class information page.

For information on free services and safety tips for bicyclists, visit the PTS bike page.

Group classes

Active Shooter - Provides insight to police operations in the event of an active shooter event.

Alcohol Awareness - Discusses the effects and consequences of underage alcohol use. Provided in-house to residential life as requested to campus groups.

Campus Safety presentation - Learn how to deal with disruptive, threatening and violent individuals. Become aware of the psychological and emotional aspects that can lead to inappropriate behavior. Learn what you can do to create a safer environment. The two-hour presentation presents ASU policy, referral processes and information about seeking appropriate resources.

Crime on campus - Learn what types of crimes occur on campus and how to avoid being a victim.

Drug Recognition presentation - Designed to help resident assistants learn how to identify drugs.

Graduate Information Fair - Sun Devils can pick up crime prevention information and ask questions.

International Student Safety - Discuss and learn Arizona laws, and how to travel Phoenix safely. 

Move-in Orientation - Conducted all day at the Desert Financial Arena. Visit with ASU Police Crime Prevention officers to learn more about staying safe on campus.

New Student Orientation - Sun Devils can meet officers and learn more about university initiatives to keep students safe.

Passport to ASU - A presentation to explain how to be safe and secure on campus.

Personal Safety - Course provides information on personal property crimes, sexual assault, drugs and alcohol violations, and ASU Police traffic citations.

Residence Hall Staff Training - Teaches resident assistants how to work with ASU Police officers and what to do when officers are in the halls in response to a call.

Residence Life Orientation - The class provides introductions for residential life staff members to ASU Police officers.

Spring Welcome - Provides an introduction to ASU Police and lets new Sun Devils know how the police can be a resource.

Transition to University - ASU Police speak to high school seniors about college life.

UNI 100 Personal Safety - Provides students with specific safety information on how to stay safe, keep their property secure and how to describe and report suspicious persons to the police.

Self-Defense Courses

The Arizona State University Police Department provides free Rape Aggression Defense Systems self-defense courses for any ASU community member. These self-defense courses are part of ASU’s efforts to reduce sexual violence on ASU campuses and within communities.

The R.A.D. course is broken up into three, three-hour classes focused on self-defense training. You must attend all class hours to receive your certification.

Find upcoming R.A.D. self-defense classes on ASU Events. Participants should wear comfortable work-out type attire and athletic shoes. No sandals or flip-flops.

R.A.D. Systems is a program of realistic, self-defense tactics and techniques. The R.A.D. System is a comprehensive course for women that begin with awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and avoidance that progress to the basics of hands-on defensive training. R.A.D. is not a martial arts program.

To get more information, or to register for an upcoming class, please email ASUPD's Crime Prevention Coordinator Jason Weber, or call 480-965-1972.

R.A.D. Basic

The cornerstone of R.A.D. Systems, emphasizes education and awareness. Course includes lecture, discussion and self-defense techniques suitable for women of all ages and abilities.

Skills you will learn by taking R.A.D. Basic:

  • personal boundaries communications.

  • portable weapons use | elbows, feet, fists and knees.

  • risk-reduction strategies.

  • violent situation expectations.