Benefits partners and liaisons for departments

Find benefits partners or liaisons by departments in alphabetical order. 

Faculty  Benefits liaisons and department representatives only

ADA case management


Department leaves of absence representative
Contact your dean's or vice president's office
Visit leaves management for departments.


Health, disability, life and retirement benefits
Ask HR

Confidential benefits fax: 480-993-0007

Confidential retirement fax: 480-993-0008


Affordable Care Act and position management
Email: ASU ACA compliance


Benefits and retirement eligibility and enrollment
Email: HR benefits data management


Benefits, disability and leaves management
Employee services: 855-278-5081
Faculty services: 480-727-9900

HR benefits for health and voluntary benefits.
HR disability for life, disability benefits and leaves, workers' compensation.

Retirement Management
Employee services: 855-278-5081
Faculty services: 480-727-9900
Email: HR Retirement for retirement benefits


Benefits, leaves of absence, disability 

A-E Department code OHR Benefits Partners Onsite Benefits Liaisons
ABOR  Z0101 Marissa Salt Kris Okazaki
Academic Enterprise Enrollment  B0119 - B0123, B0130, B0132 Beth Woolway

Chris CrisciStephanie Braymiller

Alumni Association A2002 Beth Woolway Stephen Tomaiko
Barrett Honors College B1201-B1201003 Marissa Salt

Erika Ladewig

Biodesign Institute E0802-E0849 Marissa Salt Emily Fletcher
Business and Finance



D1201-D1204, D1301

Emma Boersma

Christina Gastelum

College of Global Futures B3201-B3204 Marissa Salt Emily Fletcher
College of Integrated Sciences and Arts


Beth Woolway Kathryn Hughes
College of Law and Law Library M1101-M1102 Doug Marshall

Damariz Quiz

The College B1701-B1776 Doug Marshall

Amy Kuhns, Sarah Beth CushingMindy Knicely

College of Nursing and Health Innovation M0601-M0601254 Beth Woolway Merari Gishie, Kecia Powell, Philip Carrano
College of Health Solutions M0901-M0909001 Beth Woolway Peggy Serros
College of Public Service and Community Solutions M0701-M0711 Marissa Salt Tamera Casto   
EdPlus at ASU R0101-R0107001 Carolyn Fritz

Shelley Tingey

Educational Outreach and Student Services L0101-L0224 Carolyn Fritz Marcos Romero
Enterprise Marketing S0101-S0103 Marissa Salt Elisa Vanek
Enterprise Technology U0101-U0401002 Doug Marshall Silvia Alvidrez 
Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness B0301 Carolyn Fritz Autumn Fuhrmark
Executive Administration
Office of the President
A0101,  A0101005,  A0101006, A0101007 Sarah Supplee Erin YuntBailey Litherland
University Affairs A0102,  A0102003, A0102004 Sarah Supplee Erin YuntBailey Litherland
Secretary of the University A0104 Sarah Supplee Erin YuntBailey Litherland
Strategy A0109 Sarah Supplee Erin YuntBailey Litherland
University planner  A0103 Sarah Supplee Erin YuntBailey Litherland
Media Relations and Strategic Communications T0101-T0101001 Sarah Supplee Erin Yunt
Government and Community Engagement A0102001, G0501, I0601,  M0801 Sarah Supplee Erin YuntBailey Litherland
Office of General Counsel N0101-N0101004 Sarah Supplee

Dena ClarkErin Yunt

F-K Department code OHR Benefits Partners Onsite Benefits Liaisons
Facilities Development and Management D0802-D0846004 Doug Marshall Andrea Tapolcai
Global Futures Laboratory E0701-E0708 Marissa Salt Emily Fletcher
Global Launch B0133 Doug Marshall

Susan EdgingtonMisty Williams

Herberger Institute for Design and The Arts B0501-B0511 Emma Boersma Tia Shipp
Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering B1301-B134701 Sarah Supplee

Ashley Anderson

Knowledge Enterprise E0101-E1401 Marissa Salt Emily Fletcher
L-R  Department code OHR Benefits Partners Onsite Benefits Liaisons
Lake Havasu City Programs B6012 Carolyn Fritz Sayma Khan
Learning Enterprise W0101-W0101005 Marissa Salt Jennifer Cox, Kayleen Lilly

B1501-B1531, G0206,

I0701-I0702, M0402

Doug Marshall Lillie Johnson
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College B1401-B1405,  G0601-G061000 Sarah Supplee

Kim Rowe, Kathleen Novak

New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences G0901-G0908 Marissa Salt Erika Yoshimura
Office of Graduate Education B1901-B1903 Doug Marshall Katrina Roalson
Provost of the University B0101-B0701, B5001

Carolyn Fritz

Chelsea Tyrrell

Public Events - ASU Gammage C0404-C0404, A0402, A0403, V0102

Marissa Salt

Jessica Ragan Warner
S-Z Department codes OHR Benefits Partners Onsite Benefits Liaisons 
SDA Administration J0101-J0103 Marissa Salt Kerry Schambach
Thunderbird School of Global Management M1201, M1201-100, 1201-200, 1201-300, 1201-400 Carolyn Fritz Martha Mendoza
University Business Services D0301-D0371 Emma Boersma Molly Gray
University College

B6001, B6001001,


Carolyn Fritz

Sayma Khan
Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications and KAET M1001-M1001001 Marissa Salt

Nazeef Ebrahim

W. P. Carey School of Business B1601-B1635

Doug Marshall

Jennifer Mareiro


Retirement plans

Arizona State Retirement System — ASRS

Optional Retirement System — ORP

Public Safety Retirement System — PSPRS

Voluntary Retirement Plans

For assistance with retiring from Arizona State University:


Submit your retirement inquiry to: HR Retirement for retirement benefits


Workers' compensation reporting 
All departments

For assistance with a work-related illness or injury:


Submit your inquiry to: HR disability for workers' compensation