OHR Business Partners

The Office of Human Resources provides support and guidance to our colleagues across the university. OHR Partners provide practical, innovative HR solutions that best align with the community's talents and needs. Contact Daniel Klug for recruiter solutions or an inquiry.    

A-E  OHR partner
ASU Gammage, Cultural Affairs, V0101-V0104 Angie Mondragon
Barrett Honors College, B1201-B1201003  Jacqueline Cabrera-Miller
Business and Finance, VP Chief Financial Officer, D0101, D1201, D1301, D0501-D0502
D0201-D0208, D0301--D0402, D0601, D0602, D0801-D0843, U0101-U0401002
Sylvester Simons
College of Law, M1101-M1102 Renette Makanoeich
College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, M0507-M0507016 Jacqueline Cabrera-Miller
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, B1701-B1776 Angie Mondragon
College of Health Solutions, M0901-M0909001 Renette Makanoeich
College of Public Service and Community Solutions, M0701-M0711 Danielle Perisic
EdPlus at ASU, R0101-R0107001 Angie Mondragon
Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, M0601-M0601254 Renette Makanoeich
Educational Outreach and Student Services, L0101-L0224 Angie Mondragon
Enterprise Marketing, S0101-S0103 Renette Makanoeich
F-K OHR Partner 
Global Launch, B0133 Angie Mondragon
Graduate College, B1901 Angie Mondragon
Herberger Institute for Design and The Arts, B0501-B0511 Sylvester Simons
Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, B1301-B134701 Jacqueline Cabrera-Miller
Knowledge Enterprise, E0101-E1401, B3201-B3204 Jacqueline Cabrera-Miller
L-R OHR Partner 
Lake Havasu City Programs, B0129 Sylvester Simons
Learning Enterprise, W0101-W0101005 Jacqueline Cabrera-Miller
Libraries, B1501-B1531 Renette Makanoeich
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, G0601-G061000 Danielle Perisic
Media Relations and Strategic Communications, T0101 Audrey Dumouchel-Jones
New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, G0901-G0908 Danielle Perisic
Office of Government and Community Engagement, A0102 Audrey Dumouchel-Jones
Office of the President, A0101-A020100, A2002, H0105 Audrey Dumouchel-Jones
Office of the Sr VP and General Counsel Jacqueline Cabrera-Miller
Provost of the University, B0101-B0701, B5001 Sylvester Simons
S-Z OHR Partner 
SDA Administration, J0101-J0103 Danielle Perisic
Thunderbird School of Global Management, M1201, M1201-100, 1201-200, 1201-300, 1201-400 Danielle Perisic
University College, M0501-M0519 Sylvester Simons
Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications and KAET, M1001-M1001001 Danielle Perisic
W. P. Carey School of Business, B1601-B1636 Renette Makanoeich