Workplace accommodations

Advancing Inclusion and Culture assists with resources for qualified employees and students, and members of the general public to facilitate reasonable accommodations and support.

Disability accommodation

Our office facilitates the Americans with Disabilities Act requests for reasonable accommodations. A reasonable accommodation is granted when appropriate in employment, the application for employment, services, programs and activities. Individuals with a disability are those who have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such impairment, or are regarded as having such impairment. Read our policies below for details.


Any medical information obtained by HR is maintained confidentially. Medical documentation provided to HR as part of the accommodation process is not shared with supervisors. Additionally, HR will not share information regarding a specific diagnosis.

Breastfeeding support

ASU’s Breastfeeding Support Committee provides resources to nursing mothers who may need a private, comfortable space for their breastfeeding needs. Learn more about our breastfeeding support for the Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe and West campuses.

Building accessibility

View the ASU interactive map for building accessibility. Enter a campus in the search field to view locations in your area.

Gender-neutral restrooms

View the ASU interactive map for gender-neutral restroom locations. Enter your campus in the search field to view locations in your area. 

Limited English proficiency

ASU is committed to ensuring our programs and services, normally provided in English, are accessible to limited English proficiency populations and thus do not violate Title VI, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin, including limited English proficiency. Consistent with the law, upon request, the university will make available appropriate alternative non-English formats to those with limited proficiency in English.

Requests for alternative language format should be made to Advancing Inclusion and Culture at 480-727-1770 or by email.

ASU has contracted with vendors for translation services and time-coded transcription. Email Isabel Carrillo, ASU supply chain buyer, or call 480-965-5378 for questions.

Any person with limited English proficiency who believes they have been denied meaningful access may contact the Office of University Rights and Responsibilities at 480-965-5057 or by email.

Religious accommodations

ASU provides religious accommodations whenever necessary. Visit our ACD 304-04: Accommodation for Religious Practices policy for request details.


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Email us for inquiries about workplace accommodations or call:

Employee services  855-278-5081

Faculty services – 480-727-9900