W-2 Guide

The process to consent and retrieve W-2 forms electronically is available through My ASU. Review the information below or contact Human Resources to learn more. The Internal Revenue Service website may also provide additional information and downloadable tax forms. 

Your ASU W-2

Your W-2 reports all taxable wages received during the calendar year and all taxes withheld from those wages. The form is like an annual report that enables you to file your personal federal and state income tax returns. Regardless if you have consented to receive your W-2 electronically, you can review your W-2s dating back to 2013 on My ASU.

Annual W-2s include all employee wages paid between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of the previous year. Wages earned after Dec. 24 of the current year will be paid in January of the following year and are not included on the current W-2.

Find your year-to-date earnings, taxes and deductions to reconcile your W-2 in My ASU > My Employment > Payroll tab > View Paycheck > select the final pay date for the year.

Box 1 of your taxable income on your W-2 is different from your year-to-date earnings on your check stub. Box 1 reflects your taxable gross. Taxable gross is your gross minus any tax-deferred deductions, which can include:

  • 403(b) – voluntary contributions to a deferred investment program.
  • Arizona State Retirement System contributions.
  • Employee pre-tax paid health, dental and vision insurance deductions.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts — Dependent care or medical.
  • Optional retirement contributions.
  • Pre-tax parking.

Get your W-2 online

You can eliminate printing, be sustainable and get your electronic W-2 sooner by choosing an electronic W-2. Access your W-2 online at any time and reduce the risk of identity theft that sometimes occurs with regular mail. You must provide your consent to begin receiving your W-2 electronically. The quick-and-easy process remains in effect until you withdraw your consent, terminate from the university or the university no longer offers electronic W-2 delivery. Provide your consent on the W-2 Consent Form page:

  1. Go to My ASU > My Employment > Payroll > Tax Information > Consent to Receive W-2 Electronically. 
  2. Click Check here to indicate your consent to receive electronic W-2 and W2-C Forms. 
  3. Click Submit. 

Confirm your identity with your ASURITE password. You will always receive electronic W-2 forms until you revoke your consent. 

How to view W-2 information: Go to My ASU > My Employment > Payroll > Tax Information > Retrieve W-2 Forms through My ASU. Your ASU W-2 typically will be available by Jan. 15 if you have consented to receive it electronically. 

Consent must be given by Dec. 31 to guarantee delivery of an electronic W-2 for the current year. Consent given after Dec. 31 may not become effective until the following year.

You are still able to import your ASU tax information into tax preparation software such as Turbo Tax if you choose an electronic W-2. When you use tax software, you will be asked to enter the Box D control number, which is your 10-digit ASU affiliate ID followed by a space and the code “VYF.” Example: 1000000000 VYF. The control number only appears on the ADP mailed copy of the W-2 and not on the ASU provided form accessible through My ASU self-service. 

Contact HR if you have any difficulties or questions. 

Receive W-2 by U.S. mail

Employees who do not want electronic delivery of their W-2 do not need to do anything. Payroll Services will mail a paper W-2 to you by the end of January, as required by the Internal Revenue Service.

Update your mailing address in My ASU because your W-2 is mailed to the mailing address filed there. The U.S. Postal Service cannot forward a W-2 to a new address; instead, it is required to return the W-2 to ASU for forwarding to your new address. Returned W-2s with no forwarding addresses will be retained by the HR Payroll Office.

Update your address in My ASU: Log in to My ASU > Profile tab > Contact Details.

You may revoke your electronic W-2 consent if you decide you prefer a paper copy. Go to My ASU > My Employment > Payroll > Tax Information > Consent to Receive W-2 Electronically. 

  1. Click Check here to withdraw your consent to receive electronic W-2 and W2-C Forms. 
  2. Click Submit. 

Confirm your identity by providing your ASURITE password. Your electronic W-2 consent will be withdrawn.

Submit a request to the OHR Employee Service Center using the form Request for Duplicate W-2 or 1042S to receive a prior year paper W-2. Fax the form to Human Resources at 480-965-1971 or mail it to:

1100 E University Drive

Tempe AZ 85287

Social Security and Medicare wages

Social Security and Medicare wages are different, although they are calculated the same. There is no maximum amount for Medicare wage, and there is a calendar maximum for an employee’s Social Security wage. Social Security taxes no longer apply for that calendar year once the maximum is reached. 

Your taxable income is different from your Social Security and Medicare wages. Box 1 reflects your taxable gross. Some deductions reduce taxable gross but do not reduce Social Security and Medicare gross.

Incorrect paycheck contacts

Know which department to contact if your paycheck is incorrect.

If your name or Social Security number is incorrect on your W-2, ask Payroll Services for a Form W-2c — Corrected Wage and Tax Statement. You may be required to present your Social Security card to Payroll Services for verification purposes. File for a new card if your name and SSN are correct, but are not the same as those shown on your Social Security card. An adjustment would be made to reflect your payment if you were overpaid and repaid the money this year and Payroll Services received the payment before Dec. 31. Contact HR if you have more questions.

Non-resident alien or retiree

A 1042S form is a year-end tax document given to a non-resident alien who received wages protected by a tax treaty and received a Non-Qualified Scholarship. The 1042S will have an income code, which describes the income type. In some instances, you may receive multiple 1042S forms or a W-2 in addition to a 1042S. The form is typically mailed in February to the address that appears on your paycheck or advice slip. The 1042S will be postmarked no later than March 15. Contact HR if you have questions about your 1042S.

Retirees who have received benefits in a tax year will receive a 1099R form from the financial institution that provides their benefits. The financial institution will report the retiree’s income, not ASU. These forms should be issued by Jan. 31 each year.