Employment data management

Employment data management oversees data for all ASU employees — students, faculty and staff.

We assist departments with employment transactions involving Position Management, the PTR and Job Data. Position Management is the setup of position criteria such as job code, FTE, funding and benefits eligibility so departments can process employment transactions via PTR to create or update an employee’s job data. Job Data includes employees’ job records containing compensation, benefits setup and department information.

Personnel transaction request

The PTR is the front-end application used to process various personnel transactions like hiring, promotions, transfers and terminations for certain employee classes to create or update job information. It can also be used to create payroll-related transactions like additional pay, overpayments and leave accrual adjustments. Once approved, the PTR is processed in PeopleSoft or set to manual for Payroll or Data Management to take action on.

Access the data management exception form for any job transactions you cannot process through the PTR. If a backdated exception form results in a retroactive payment or overpayment, Data Management will coordinate with payroll to process it automatically. You do not need to process a separate payroll action request.

Please revisit this page for updated resources and information, including updated training guides and the PTR Workflow Approval Matrix.

Email us with any questions, or you may contact your data management representative.

Refer to this matrix to clarify what tasks are performed with a PTR, Kenexa, or if you are trying to complete another action.

PTR workflow

  1. Originators of the Personnel Transaction Request: Create the job transaction.
  2. Agency or organization signer approval: First level of approval for the job transactions.
  3. Dean or vice president approval: Second level of approval required for specific transactions.
  4. Provost or executive VO approval: Final level of approval required for specific transactions

The number of steps depends on the type of transaction. The approval steps are based on this matrix. There may be additional steps for some student transactions, competitive hires and retirements.


Process guides


Additional resources



Brynna Miller
Manager Data Management

Specialist Phone Responsibility and department code

Natasha McLain
Backup: Kennedy Munter


ASU Polytechnic campus — I0201

College of Global Futures — CSPO, SCAS, SFIS, SOS — B3001

Cultural Affairs and Gammage — V0101

Engineering — B1301

Enterprise Brand Strategy and Management — S0101

Graduate College — B1901

Learning Enterprise — W0101

Office of the Provost — B0101–B0302

ASU Library — B1501

Kennedy Munter
Backup: Natasha McLain

Arizona Board of Regents — Z0101

ASU Downtown Phoenix campus — listed department codes — M1001–M1201

ASU West Valley campus — G0101

FS, HR, EHS, DPS and PTS — D0101

Office of the General Counsel — N0101

Media Relations and Strategic Communications — T0101

Office of the President — A0101

Jennifer Ancheta
Backup: Natasha McLain

Barrett Honors College — B1201

CLAS — listed department codes — B1716— B1776

Enterprise Technology — U0101

EOSS and University Student Initiatives — L0101

OKED, Research and Biodesign — E0101

WPC Business — B1601


Myrka Montenegro
Backup: Natasha McLain

ASU Downtown Phoenix campus — listed department codes — M0101–M0901

CLAS — listed department codes — B1701—B1715

EdPlus online and extended campus — R0101

Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts — B0501

Sun Devil Athletics — J0101

University Libraries — B1501