Choose to reuse


What is reuse?

"The use of a product or material again for the same purpose in its original form or with little enhancement or change."

How does reuse help?

Our culture has become increasingly on-the-go and disposable. When people choose to reuse items, individuals reject a single-use culture. Behaviors like repairing, repurposing and donating also help extend a product’s usable life and reduces landfill-destined material. Reusing conserves resources that benefit you and the environment.

ASU makes it easy for you to choose to reuse:

  • Bring your reusable cup to any Starbucks on campus and receive a discount on your beverage purchase.
  • Bring your reusable cup to any P.O.D. Market on campus and receive a fountain drink for 99 cents.
  • Fill your reusable water bottle at almost 1,000 free water-refill stations across all ASU campus locations.
  • Sun Devil Athletics offers a Zero Waste reusable cup at concessions with a one-time purchase and free fountain drink refills during the season.
    • Fountain drink refills are not available at Mullett Arena.
  • The Downtown Phoenix campus offers reusable to-go containers to anyone utilizing Sun Devil Hospitality in Taylor Place.