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Parking: West Campus


Purchase Your 2014-15 Parking Permit and/or Transit Pass & Register Your Bike: Sign in to My Transportation Account.


Parking permits are available at all four campuses. Use the links below to select a campus and view a list of permit locations, pricing, as well as special conditions for parking in each location. Permits are valid from Aug. 16-Aug. 15 of the following year. Permits are sold at a prorated rate at the start of each month from Sept-July.

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To view a map of all West campus parking locations, click here.


*Click on the Permit Type/Location link to view a map of the parking facility.

Annual Commuter Permit Type/Location (subject to availability)
Prorated Price (if purchased on or after Feb. 1) 2014-2015 Annual Price
Lot 7, or Lot 17 $265 $480
South Zone (Lots 1, 2, 3 and 20) $200 $360 
North Zone (Lot 10 and Lot 11) Eco-Pass $155 $280
Park Zone (southwest corner of 49th Ave & Wood Dr.) $115 $210
Multi-Location permit
West Campus Disabled Parking $265 $480
West Campus EVENING ONLY1 $100 $180
Motorcycle $265 or $155 $480 or $280
Residence Hall Permits - Available only to residence hall students
Lot 192 $155 $280

1. Valid in all West campus permit lots (not visitor lots) after 4pm, except the resident hall Lot 19. Not valid for cross-parking.

2. Valid only on the West campus in Lot 19; valid for cross-parking at other ASU campuses.

Eco-Pass = Eco-Pass parking available here.