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Parking: Polytechnic Campus


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Parking permits are available at all four campuses. Use the links below to select a campus and view a list of permit locations, pricing, as well as special conditions for parking in each location.

  • Annual permits are valid from Aug. 16 - Aug. 15 of the following year and are sold at a prorated rate at the start of each month from Sept. - July.
  • Looking for a Day Pass or other visitor parking options? Click here.

To view a map of all Polytechnic campus parking locations, click here.


Annual Commuter Permit Type/Location (subject to availability)
Prorated Price
2015-2016 Annual Price
Red Lots $480 $480 
Polytechnic Campus Disabled Permit3 $480 $480
Orange Lots $360 $360
Green Lots Eco-Pass $280 $280
Perimeter Lots (indicated by green/white stripe) $210 $210
Polytechnic EVENING ONLY1 $180 $180
Polytechnic Disabled-Accessible Parking (Green Lots)3 $280 $280
Motorcycle $480 or $280 $480 or $280
Residence Hall Permits - Available only to residence hall students^
Residence Hall2 (indicated in brown) $280 $280

^Village residents may purchase any of the permits listed above - with the exception of a residence hall permit. They may also take advantage of any of our visitor parking options in order to park on campus.

1. Valid in all Polytechnic campus permit lots (not visitor lots) after 4pm. Not valid for cross-parking.

2. Valid only in Polytechnic campus residence hall lots; not valid in Polytechnic Villages parking areas; valid for cross-parking at other ASU campuses.

3. Contact the PTS Customer Service office for more information about disabled-accessible permits.

Eco-Pass = Eco-Pass parking available here.