Contractor, department and vendor parking

Parking and Transit Services offers university departments ways to manage guest parking accommodations. Parking and payment types are subject to availability within garages and lots.


Departments may request visitor parking reservations on every campus if the request meets the minimum group size. Reservations for the Tempe campus are accepted only for groups of 30 or more. Reservations are available in the permit and mixed-use lots, but cannot be made for daily and hourly only lots. 

Sign in to My ASU before accessing the Guest Parking Reservations Form

Parking structure validations 

Use for guest parking in ASU-managed parking structures on Downtown Phoenix and Tempe campuses. The use of validation by faculty, staff or student employees for non-business meeting purposes is prohibited.

ASU departments may request an account to issue digital validations for guest parking. Validation usage is invoiced to the department monthly. Submit payment through Workday or P-Card. Email PTS to request more information or to set up a department account.

Parking lot coupon codes

Use for guest parking in ASU visitor lots located on the Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe and West Valley campuses. Using coupon codes by student workers, faculty or staff for non-business meetings is prohibited.

ASU departments may request a coupon code by emailing PTS.

  • Please include the department name, an administrator and billing contact (name and email) and a valid Workday account (Cost Center/Program) for monthly billing.

How to use a coupon code in visitor lots:

  • Pay-by-plate lots: Visitors enter their vehicle’s license plate number at a lot’s payment kiosk. Parking options include hourly or full-day.
    • Guests may leave and return to the lot during their paid period or coupon validation times. However, payment for parking does not guarantee space availability upon return to the lot. 
  • Pay-by-space lots: Visitors enter the parking space number of the lot in which they parked. Parking options include hourly or full-day.

Lot pay machines accept coupon codes, MasterCard or Visa. 

Contractor and vendor parking

Campuses have parking accommodations to meet the needs of many types of companies who do business with ASU, including loading zones, meters and daily and hourly locations. For delivery access, the following parking options are available on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Daily and hourly parking: Pay the posted rate.
  • Yellow loading zones: Free 20-minute parking for loading and unloading only. 

Trailers must remain attached to the vehicle; all occupied daily and hourly spaces require payment. 

For organizations regularly doing business with ASU on campus, short- and long-term parking accommodations are available. The frequency of on-campus visits, the length of each visit and the type of equipment and vehicles on campus impact the type of parking needs. 

Contractors and vendors may only park large and oversized vehicles in lots. 

Please review the Vendor Permits and Construction Parking policy.

Mall access

A contractor or vendor parking permit is not a mall pass. Vendors may not drive vehicles on a mall. 

The university created campus malls with the intent of pedestrian travel; driving on the mall is limited for the safety of all campus travelers. Pedestrian safety is a priority at ASU. 

To drive on a mall, a vehicle must have both a permit and a pass. A mall pass supplements but does not replace the Vendor permit.

If a mall pass is needed to perform work for ASU regularly, an annual mall pass is required. Please contact Parking and Transit Services for more information. 

The Tempe campus has walk-only zones on campus malls to enhance pedestrian safety and ease vehicle congestion. Vehicles are not permitted in walk-only zones during enforcement times. Visit the walk-only zones webpage for more information.

Driving on the Mall

Driving on the mall is a serious safety responsibility. Drivers must first receive training, and vehicles must be inspected. At all times, when driving on the mall, pedestrians have the right-of-way and drivers must yield. 

Training requirement

The university requires that all drivers participate in a Driving on the Mall training. This class explains the rules and conditions when a vendor’s vehicle is permitted on the campus malls.

Vehicle inspection 

Carts and vehicles that vendors anticipate driving onto campus malls must be inspected and have a copy of the inspection certification before being driven on any campus mall. Please contact one of the following service providers to complete the cart or vehicle inspection:

  • American Five Star Transmission Car Care: 480-966-8181.
  • The Car Shop: 480-968-6740.
  • Naumann Hobbs: 602-722-2303.

Golf carts

All golf carts brought onto campus must have:

  • A PTS vendor golf cart permit.
  • A vehicle inspection sticker.
  • An Arizona license plate.

No gas-powered carts are permitted. All carts must be electric and have a prearranged location approved by PTS for charging.

To obtain a golf cart permit, complete the Vendor and Contractor Permit Request form.

Passes and permits

An annual vendor permit may be purchased for long-term projects and is recommended for contractors and vendors who require access to multiple areas of campus to perform work. 

All-access annual vendor permit

  • $720 annually for Polytechnic and West Valley campuses.
  • $1,080 annually for Downtown Phoenix and Tempe campuses.
  • All-access permits are not mall passes and do not permit driving on the mall. 
  • Contact PTS for prorated prices if purchasing permits after Sept. 3 of the current academic year.
  • Valid Aug. 16 through Aug. 15 of the following year.

Department vehicles

All ASU-owned or leased department vehicles and carts that are licensed and marked as ASU vehicles are required to maintain an ASU vehicle parking permit. Purchase a permit at any PTS customer service office. 

All ASU vehicle permits can park at any green curb and in all permit lots. View the Vehicle and Cart Enforcement policy and page nine of the Supervisor’s Safety Manual for more information.

Lot or zone-specific annual vendor permit

If you do not have heavy equipment or do not require access throughout the campus, the following permit options are available for lot-specific locations.

Downtown Phoenix campus 

  • Fourth Avenue Lot: $420.
  • Third Avenue Lot: $720.

Polytechnic campus 

  • Green lots: $420.
  • Orange lots: $540.
  • Red lots: $720.

Tempe campus 

  • Lot 59: $420.
  • Packard Drive South: $720.

West Valley campus 

  • Park Zone: $315.
  • South Zone: $540.

Prohibited areas

Vendor permits are not valid in the following areas:

  • ASU accessible permit or state-issued disabled-accessible spaces.
  • ASU Service vehicle lots and green curbs.
  • Campus malls without a Mall Pass. No access in Walk-only zones from 8 a.m.–4 p.m., even with a Mall Pass. 
  • Emergency lanes or red curbs. 
  • Forest Mall from 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Reserved spaces
  • Visitor garages and lots.

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