Benefits eligibility and enrollment

You must complete your health, life and disability benefits enrollment and submit any required supporting documentation within 30 calendar days from your hire or eligibility date, change-in-status effective date or qualified-life-event effective date.

If you and your spouse are both state or university employees you cannot enroll as a single subscriber and be enrolled as a dependent on your spouse's policy simultaneously. If you do enroll in that manner, no refunds will be made for the employee contributions.

Children under age 26 who are married and cannot be claimed your income taxes may be added to your medical, dental and vision plans. Coverage is limited to your children up to age 26; it does not include their spouses or children. For coverage of grandchildren, you must obtain and submit legal Letters of Guardianship to HR Benefits Design and Management.

Arizona law, A.R.S. §14-2804, revokes any provisions naming your ex-spouse as a beneficiary or as an executor, conservator or guardian. Unless your will states otherwise, your divorce automatically revokes any provisions naming your ex-spouse as a beneficiary or as an executor, trustee, conservator or guardian. If your ex-spouse is listed, you must change the beneficiary designations for your life insurance and individual retirement accounts after your divorce.

Faculty and academic personnel: Your hire and eligibility date might start before your contract date. Please review your offer letter or ask your hiring manager for your enrollment deadline.

  1. Prior to enrollment, you are encouraged to consult with your family members and use these checklists to assist you with the enrollment process.

  2. If supporting documentation is not received by this deadline, your dependents’ benefits will be terminated, and you will be responsible for any paid claims.

  3. To comply with the Affordable Care Act and avoid a penalty imposed on you by the Internal Revenue Service, your covered dependents’ information must include Social Security numbers. If your dependents are non-U.S. citizens, visa documents are required. Use the supporting documentation form to submit visa documents before you use the online enrollment process.

  4. Once you have completed your enrollment or if you miss the deadline, you may not enroll or make changes until the next annual benefits open enrollment period, unless a qualifying life event occurs.

New hire benefits enrollment 

Benefits are offered to all eligible faculty and staff new to ASU, rehired after a 30-calendar-day break in service or internal transfers who become eligible for benefits after employment starts. Employees are encouraged during enrollment to consult with their family members to ensure elected benefits meet their needs for the remainder. Below are some resources to help you make enrollment decisions:

  • Disability insurance program.
  • Health care program.
  • Life insurance program.

Enroll online within 30 calendar days from your eligibility date using these navigation steps:

Sign in to My ASU.
Click on the PeopleSoft HR link - left column the fourth icon from the bottom. If you click on the CS link, you will not have the option to click on Benefits from the self-service menu.
Sign in to PeopleSoft and click Home icon.
Click Self Service > Benefits > Benefits Enrollment.
Read the information and follow the screen prompts to edit elections.
Complete edits, review your elections and click Next.

Print or email your health and welfare benefits enrollment summary for your records. A copy is required to report any discrepancies.

Click submit to authorize elections and submit your choices.

Complete the mandatory retirement enrollment process.

See other benefits for additional plans available to you.

Rehire and transfer benefits enrollment

Coverage and enrollment for rehired or transferred employees within the Arizona university system — ASU, ABOR, NAU and UA — or from an Arizona state agency are as follows:

  • If you are rehired within 30 days of separation from benefits-eligible employment, your coverage may be effective on your date of hire.  An enrollment form is required, but elections must remain the same.
  • If you are transferred within 30 days of separation from benefits-eligible employment, your coverage may be effective on your hire date or the first day of the pay period following the termination of prior coverage, whichever is later. There may be a lapse in coverage. An enrollment form is required, but elections must remain the same.
  • If you are rehired after 30 days but before one year following separation, online enrollment is required. You may make new elections, except for flexible spending accounts. Your coverage is effective the first day of the pay period following your rehire date as long as online enrollment and required supporting documents are received by OHR by the end of your enrollment period.

Retirement enrollment

All eligible university category 01 employees must participate in the Arizona State Retirement System. Faculty, administrators, academic professionals, staff categories 02 to 05 can choose the ASRS plan or the Optional Retirement Plan. Police officers, corporals, sergeants and recruits must participate in the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System.

  1. Activate your ASURITE ID if applicable.

  2. Learn and compare retirement plans that meet your financial objectives. 

  3. Within your 30-calendar-day period, log in to My ASU, go to your to-do list under My Tasks, and click on the Mandatory Retirement Election link. You will automatically be redirected to the mandatory retirement enrollment system. If the link is unavailable, contact HR.

The mandatory retirement enrollment system will guide you through the enrollment process.

  1. Select a plan: Optional Retirement Plan with Fidelity Investments or TIAA.  Or, Arizona State Retirement System. 

  2. Acknowledge your choice.

  3. Establish an ASU account for your plan, even if you already have an account with the same provider and another employer.

  4. If you select the ORP and want to be considered eligible for immediate vesting of the university’s contributions, submit a copy of a recent account statement from your prior qualified retirement plan with an eligible institution by secure fax to 480-993-0008.

  5. Police officers, corporals, sergeants and recruits complete a PSPRS Membership Form P1 and submit it to the ASU Police Department HR representative with a copy of your social security card. Print and read the PSPRS local board rules and regulations, medical requirements and acknowledgments. Complete the acknowledgment of receipt and submit it to your ASU Police Department HR representative.

Note: Failure to complete ORP enrollment within your 30-calendar-day period will result in forfeiture of your option to participate in that plan. Your election will default to the ASRS, which may require retroactive contributions.

Updating name or address

Employees that need to update name must complete a change form

Visit My ASU to change your address. Select My Profile and then select Profile in the taskbar to update your address. 

Retirement programs
Visit the following providers to update your personal information.

  • ASRS
  • ORP participants: Call Fidelity Investments at 800-343-0860 to change your name. Access code is 67444. To change your address, submit a Service Now request.  
    TIAA participants: Call 800-842-2776. Access Code is AZQ190.
  • PSRS address and name change form
  • 403(b) participants -  Contact your investment provider
  • 457(b) participants - Call Nationwide Retirement Solutions at 800-796-9753.