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Occupational Health and Safety

OH&S provide compliance guidance, training and technical support to the ASU community necessary to address safety and health regulatory compliance and related risks. EH&S trainers are part of this organization and coordinate all EH&S provided training and manage associated records. OH&S conducts inspections of laboratories, shops, maintenance and service facilities for OSHA and related regulatory compliance and ensures corrective action is implemented to address findings. OH&S also addresses employee safety and health complaints including concerns related to indoor air quality and work station set up (ergonomics). OH&S also supports the ASU community through developing and communicating EH&S awareness training.

Asbestos Management Plan - PDF Hazard Communications Program - PDF
Automated External Defibrillator Hearing Conservation Program - PDF
Aerial Lift Operator Safety Program - PDF  Indoor Air Quality
Compressed Gases Safety Plan - PDF Lockout Tagout Program - PDF
Confined Space Entry Program - PDF Respiratory Protection Program - PDF
Construction, Renovation & Demolition Guidelines - PDF Service Providers
Electrical Safety Program - PDF Supervisor's Safety Manual - PDF
Ergonomics Welding and Cutting Program - PDF
Excavation Safety Program - PDF Working Alone Procedures - PDF

Lab and Chemical Safety

EH&S Occupational Health & Safety is responsible for providing support and guidance to faculty, staff, students, and other ASU community members in the development and implementation of appropriate lab and chemical safety practices and procedures.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must be readily available to employees for each hazardous chemical used in the work area. Departments may maintain copies of MSDS as paper copies or electronically provided all affected employees can access the MSDS and know the location(s). Please refer to the ASU Hazard Communication Plan or Chemical Hygiene Plan for additional details. MSDS website resources can be found at:

For more information see ASU's Laboratory Safety Program.

Anesthetic Gas use Program - PDF Fume Hood User Guide - PDF
ASU Hazardous Materials Storage Guide - PDF Laboratory Chemical Safety Compliance Guidelines
Bloodborne Pathogens - PDF Laboratory Safety Reminders PDF
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan - PDF Chemical listings with NFPA Ratings - XLS
Chemical Hygiene Plan - PDF Lab SOP & Training Plan Template - WORD
Flammables stored in Refrigerators - PDF State Fines UCLA in Fatal Fire - PDF


Green Labs Program

ASU EH&S department is ready to implement a Green Labs Program. Read more...