Fire safety and prevention

EHS Fire Safety and Prevention is responsible for fire code compliance and general campus safety. Fire Safety and Prevention provides a fire prevention and safety plan and conducts regular inspections of all university facilities to ensure fire safety code compliance in addition:

  • Conducts fire drills to ensure safe evacuations of ASU facilities.
  • Reviews submitted plans and fire and life safety systems related to new buildings and tenant improvements. 
  • Services and inspects fire extinguishers on campus.
  • Event registrations must be submitted to the Special Events Registry a minimum of 10 working days prior to the start of the event. For events that do not require an operational permit please follow these fire safety guidelines to help ensure fire and life safety for your event. 

Required permits:

Codes and standards:

  • International Fire Code 2018 edition — State adopted. EHS Fire Safety and Prevention follows the Department of Forestry and Fire Management — State Fire Marshal's Office adopted codes and standards. Where valid, we apply the ASU approved design guidelines to be met and adhered to. At our Tempe campus we encourage new construction projects, major renovation and tenant improvements adhere to Tempe Fire and Medical Rescue adopted city amendments, as our primary emergency response agency.
  • Occupancy Inspection Determination — Fire Safety and Prevention has developed a determination tool to assess the frequency in which existing buildings at ASU are inspected.   

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