Business Center — Personnel management support


Post a job

The Business Center will be your partner in administering recruitment searches, including both external searches and waivers of recruitment. Please submit the job posting form to get started and review the following resources:

Onboard an employee

The Business Center will sign up your new staff employee for orientation at the Tempe campus, and is happy to provide information regarding parking, My ASU access, pay, tax and benefits information. Review the resource below.

Personnel actions

Change an employee’s job attributes — hours, pay, job code, etc.

The Business Center processes all changes regarding your staff’s employment, including FTE changes, pay rate changes, promotions, department code changes, etc. Please review the following resources:

Handle an employee’s resignation

Provide the Business Center with a copy of the employee’s resignation letter. The Business Center will prepare an Acceptance of Resignation letter for you to provide to your employee and will assist in processing the termination, including final approval of the employee’s timesheet. Please review the following resources. If you need to backfill the employee, review the Post a job section in the Recruitment tab.


Approve an employee’s time

Adjust an employee’s timesheet


The Business Center partners with the OHR Benefits team to provide administration of leaves of absences for all employees. Refer to the following resources, and contact the Business Center to get started if you or your employee is in need of a leave of absence.