Car rental

For ASU employees while on ASU business or business travel only. Not for student or employee personal use. Not for intramural or club use.

Employees who are not in travel status and have completed the Authorized Driver Program may use the ASU P-Card for vehicle rental. Examples include local use to drive to a meeting and similar activities for which people would have formerly obtained a vehicle from Fleet Services. For employees who want to rent a car and are in travel status, refer to Financial Services Manual: FIN 501 under rental vehicles and Handle Travel Requests Online.

Vehicle Rental contract: E&I Contract
ASU currently uses the E&I cooperative agreement with Enterprise. Please contact Jodi Terbush for business use reservations . The preferred payment method is the P-Card for non-employee travel-related vehicle rentals. 

At the end of your reservation, it will prompt you to verify if you have authorization for the bill. If your department has a P-Card registered with Enterprise, the system will prompt you for a billing number. Please reach out to your Business Operations Manager for assistance with the department's billing number. If your BOM does not have an existing billing number, email Douglas Feckovics, Procurement Specialist Sr., for help.

Enterprise's business use rates have damage waiver and liability insurance. All other coverage is optional and at the renter's discretion to purchase. ASU is self-insured through the state of Arizona Department of Administration, Risk Management Section. ASU and its officers, agents, employees, volunteers, approved student interns and others, as may be necessary to accomplish the functions or business of the university, are insured against liable acts or omissions of any nature while acting within their authorized course and scope of duties. For more information related to self-insurance, refer to Environmental Health and Safety Manual: 705-03. This contract is for ASU business use only.

Email Douglas Feckovics, Procurement Specialist Sr., for any questions about vehicle rental.

Note: Before driving university-owned, leased or rented vehicles — including electric carts — for official business, employees must complete the Authorized Driver Program. To start this process, employees should request that their department supervisor establish the employee as an optional authorized driver, then complete all steps in the Authorized Driver Program guide located on My ASU under the employment tab. 

The lease, purchase, rental or use of 12- and 15-passenger vans are prohibited per FIN 401-03: Prohibited Transactions