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Rules and Regulations



Parking and Transit Services (PTS) is a self-supporting service organization dedicated to balancing the competing parking needs of a diverse, public, metropolitan research university.

These parking and vehicle control regulations are published and enforced at all four ASU campuses to facilitate the safe and orderly operation of motor vehicles on campus.

Everyone is encouraged to support travel reduction measures by using public and university transit and/or carpooling, bicycling or walking whenever possible.

ASU employees, students and guests who drive and park at Arizona State University (ASU) are responsible for reading and fully understanding these regulations. To help employees, students and guests avoid receiving citations, PTS encourages any questions to be directed to PTS Customer Service offices if clarification of policies is needed.

A. Authority

  1. By authority of Section 15-1627, Arizona Revised Statutes, as amended, the Associate Vice President of Administration has general responsibility for approving and adopting the following rules and regulations for the control of vehicles on all property owned and/or managed by ASU. The Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) intends that ASU Parking and Transit Services shall be financially self-supporting through receipt of fees from all persons who park at ASU.
  2. The Director of Parking and Transit Services, or his/her designee, is responsible for assigning parking areas on the campus; assessing and collecting fees and fines; appointing members of the Parking Citations Appeals Board; and adopting hearing and appeal procedures compatible with these regulations. Furthermore, the Director, or his/her designee, is authorized to establish any necessary fees for limited special access in order to facilitate the conduct of ASU business.
  3. The Director of Parking and Transit Services, or his/her designee, may exercise discretion to deal with special circumstances not covered by these regulations.

To read the complete ASU PTS Rules and Regulations, click here. PDF

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To view a chart of the citation types and their associated fees, click here. PDF

Please note: this chart shows fine ranges; the actual fine on a citation may increase upon repeat offenses and late fees will be assessed to citations unpaid after 30 days. Citation descriptions and amounts are subject to change.