Your ID Card goes everywhere at ASU

Photo consent

Arizona State University requires consent for photo usage for:

  1. ASU ID cards and other ASU issued items to verify your identity.
  2. Identity verification for any purposes related to enrollment and education at ASU. This includes photo rosters, advisement or instructor scheduling, and in connection with proctoring and testing.
  3. Admission to ASU buildings such as residence halls, event or recreation venues, classrooms and laboratories.
  4. Verification and authentication by ASU as necessary to provide services.
  5. Use of ASU applications, mobile apps, networked systems, technology, communication and online resources.
  6. Identity verification by ASU Health Services and ASU Counseling Services.

Agreement and consent information for ASU photo

Arizona State University ("ASU") requires each enrolled student and university employee to have on file with ASU a current photo that meets ASU's requirements (your "Photo"). ASU uses your Photo to identify you, as necessary, to provide you educational and related services as an enrolled student at ASU. If you do not have an acceptable Photo on file with ASU, or if you do not consent to the use of your Photo, your access to ASU resources, including access to classes (online or in person) may be negatively affected or denied. 

ASU employees and affiliates are also subject to use of your Photo as necessary to provide services as a part of employment. 

When consenting you are confirming you understand and agree with the above and the following:

  1. I am admitted as a student at ASU or I am employed or affiliated with the university in an official capacity.
  2. Misuse of my Photo or ASU ID (or any future equivalent), or violations of this Agreement and Consent, may constitute academic integrity violations and may be reported to an ASU academic integrity officer.
  3. If ASU receives complaints about my Photo, ASU may remove my Photo without warning, suspend my ability to upload a Photo, and take other appropriate actions, which may negatively impact me.
  4. ASU may use my Photo to confirm my identity in connection with providing educational and education-related services, or other official university services to me. Those services may include the following:
    1. On identification cards (ASU ID Cards) and other items ASU issues to me, or uses, now or in the future, to verify my identity.
    2. To verify my identity for any purposes related to my enrollment and education at ASU, whether online or in person, including in class photo rosters, advisement or instructor scheduling, and in connection with proctoring and testing.
    3. For admission to ASU buildings including residence halls, event or recreation venues, classroom buildings, and laboratories.
    4. For verification and authentication by the University as necessary to provide services.
    5. For use with ASU applications and mobile apps, networked systems, technology, communication, and online resources.
    6. For identity verification by ASU Health Services and ASU Counseling Services,
  5. ASU’s use of my Photo is for the lawful purposes of providing educational services to me under my contract of enrollment with ASU, for ASU to comply with its legal obligations, to protect my vital interests, and for other legitimate interests pursued by ASU.
  6. My Photo may be a protected education record and constitute my personally identifiable information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA"). ASU may release and use my Photo consistent with FERPA. More information regarding FERPA is available here.
  7. If I am using an uploaded Photo, I also agree as follows:
    1. I will follow ASU’s Photo requirements here before uploading my Photo
    2. My uploaded Photo shows my face as it naturally appears, without any unusual makeup or other alterations to my natural features and coloring.
    3. My uploaded Photo was taken of me within [3 months] prior to the date of uploading.
    4. My uploaded Photo was taken by me, or if not taken by me, was taken by an individual who has granted me all rights (including copyright rights) necessary for me to allow ASU to use my uploaded Photo for the purposes described in this Agreement and Consent, without additional compensation or attribution.
    5. I will not upload falsified or inaccurate information, which includes a digitally altered photo.
    6. If I am uploading my Photo from the European Union, Switzerland, or another country or jurisdiction that follows the GDPR or similar laws, I have read ASU's Supplemental Privacy Provisions for Persons in the European Union, at this link.
    7. I will indemnify and hold ASU harmless from and against any losses and claims made against ASU regarding my uploaded Photo, including the ownership, use, or licensing of my uploaded Photo.
    8. My uploaded Photo complies with ACD 125 Policy and does not for example; include any inappropriate content such as pornography or obscenity, graphic violence, or racially or ethnically hateful content.

ASURITE authentication is required to consent and user activity of this consent will be stored.  

If I have any questions regarding this Consent and Agreement or how ASU uses my Photo, contact ASU Sun Devil Card Services.