Signs posted at all lots and reserved spaces constitute notice that parking is controlled by these regulations and warning that violators shall be subject to sanctions. Parking in violation of these regulations will result in the impoundment of the vehicle. The vehicle will be released only after payment of the towing service charge, storage, and impoundment fee, as well as any outstanding parking citations due to ASU Parking and Transit Services. Photo ID and proof of vehicle ownership are required.

Additional penalties and sanctions

Violators of parking regulations, including those who avoid or neglect to pay outstanding parking fines, shall be subject to additional penalties and sanctions including, but not limited to:

  • Code of Conduct sanctions.
  • Disciplinary probation.
  • Encumbrance of academic records.
  • Loss of ASU privileges, including parking.
  • Oral or written reprimand.
  • Salary withholding.
  • Suspension from ASU.
  • Termination of employment.
  • Vehicle impoundment.

Repeat offenders

Repeat offenders who habitually violate the same parking regulation(s) are subject to escalating fine amounts.