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leaving ASU

Leaving ASU

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Information for Exiting Employees
Retirement Plans and Information
Retirement Planning
Computer Accounts Information
Exit Interview (paper form)

Your responsibilities

  • Return keys.
  • Return your parking decal to your campus parking office.
  • Pay any outstanding fees.
  • Turn in all other property to your department.
  • Return your Sun Card.
  • Computer Accounts (services turned off)

Optional Online Exit Interview

Use the Optional Online Exit Interview if you are unable to schedule and/or attend a face-to-face optional exit interview,
Your responses are valued and appreciated.

Optional Face-to-Face Exit Interviews

An exit interview is optional. It provides you with the opportunity to discuss any outstanding employment issues, if necessary.
To schedule an in-person appointment with your appropriate representative, please contact an HR Generalist
in the HR Partners' Group.

Exit interviews for Faculty and Academic Professionals

Contact the Office of the Provost