Leaves and holiday policies

Learn more about our policies for different types of leaves, compassionate transfer,  holidays and vacation.

ASU policies and leaves forms      
Type of leave or leave benefits SPP policies  Faculty ACD policies  Instructions and forms
Administrative leave of absence with pay 704-06    
Bereavement leave benefits 704-05    
Compassionate transfer of leave 702-04   Compassionate transfer of leave authorization to donate form.
Compassionate transfer of leave request
Compassionate transfer of leave supervisor memo
Emergency leave   704-02    
Extended leave of absence or leave of absence without pay 705-01 707  
Family leave benefits  705-02   Family member health, non-FMLA or FMLA 
Holiday leave benefits 703-01    
Jury duty or material witness service leave benefits 704-03    
Medical donor leave benefits 710   Bone marrow or organ donor leave. 
Military leave of absence  706   Military, non-FMLA or FMLA  
Parental leave benefits 708    Birth-placement for adoptions or foster care, bonding, non-FMLA or FMLA.
Sick-leave benefits, health-related leave 701-01   Employee health, non-FMLA or FMLA 
Vacation leave benefits 702-01 ACD 704-01  
Voting leave benefits  SPP 704-01    

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