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accounts payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable processes payments to University suppliers for goods and services. In addition, reimbursements are processed to faculty, staff, and students for certain purchases made for ASU business purposes. Below is a list of contacts within accounts payable to offer assistance.

Mail Code: 5912
Department Phone: 480.965.3511
Fax: 480.965.1661

Contact Title Responsibility Phone
Penny Myers Office Manager Payment Vouchers - D, P, S, T, V, Utilities 480.965.8375
Penny Myers Office Manager Vendors - W, X, Y, Z, Recurring Payments, Payment Vouchers for 7700 & 7400 480.965.8375
Jessica Johnson Office Specialist Sr Vendors A, Dell invoices, A-L Check Stop Payments/Cancel-reissues, Wires/Foreign Drafts 480.965.3117
Frank Townsend Accounting Specialist Vendors - E, F, G, H, N 480.965.2451
Bill Wells Accounting Specialist Vendors - K, L, M, Q, Construction Invoices 480.965.2453
Sarah Bosna Accounting Specialist Vendors - B, O, I, J, R, Sigma Aldrich invoices, M-Z Check Stop Payments/Cancel-Reissues 480.727.3744
Dawn McCumber Accounting Specialist Vendors - D, P, S, T, V 480.727.0887
Samantha Hatten Accounting Specialist Vendors - C, U, Wires/Foreign Drafts Back Up 480.965.6937
Racquel Allen Accounting Specialist Accounts Payable Check Distribution Desk 480.965.3511
Yumi Urata Accountant Commerce Bank/AP Trac Program 480.965.1924