Financial Management System

The Financial Management System webpage can help answer questions related to the FMS and its processes. Find general FMS-related information in the tabs below and from the quick links on the right.

Visit the Arizona State University Financial Management System for easy system access.

Call dedicated FMS support staff with additional questions.


The following FMS information is a good place to get started. Navigate the FMS webpages for more details or call the dedicated FMS support staff at 480-965-2334 with additional questions.

What does the FMS mean for ASU?

After a comprehensive selection process by various university areas, ASU selected Workday for its financial management system.

Workday delivers software updates twice each year, which provides new functionality and keeps the system current on regulatory reporting issues and industry best practices.

Workday consolidates accounting, accounts payable, capital asset and purchasing processes into one platform. The FMS allows ASU to reconfigure financial infrastructure to a more flexible structure to support the university’s ongoing evolution into the New American University model.

What does the FMS mean for you?

FMS users can attend system training and access online learning resources which appears on the right side of the screen.

The FMS streamlines and reengineers many of ASU’s business processes. For instance, the FMS enhances how quickly you can process and report financial transactions. The FMS also offers a mobile-friendly web-based system.

The FMS makes approvals easier, faster and merges information through a more flexible chart of accounts. Users can make real-time decisions via FMS integrated reporting tools. Paperless transactions and in-system document attachments support university sustainability goals.

The FMS updates many Advantage and SunRise processes. Although processes did not change in some systems like PeopleSoft and My ASU TRIP, the change in the university’s chart of accounts impacted data entry into these other systems.


The following information answers budget-related questions. Call dedicated FMS support staff at 480-965-2334 with additional questions.

At what level is FMS controlling operating budgets?

Operating budgets are controlled in the FMS at the total-spend level for each cost center and program or gift. However, to fulfill budget reporting requirements and to give departments better analytical data, ASU requires budget data to be input at a more detailed-spend category hierarchy level. The budget data is uploaded to the FMS at that same level of detail so the FMS can report and track at a more granular level, but the control is placed higher for ease of use.

The operating budget structure does not include grants and projects.



General Information

General Information

Call 480-965-2334 or submit a ServiceNow ticket for FMS support.