ASU supports and fosters a culture of inclusiveness.

Employee engagement survey

ASU is interested in feedback and input from the employee community.

An online survey was administered between Dec. 5, 2022, and Jan. 3, 2023, by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., a global insurance, risk management and consulting services organization. 

Gallagher’s survey team performs an array of advanced analyses as part of their consultation. The survey revealed opportunities in drivers of retention and engagement based on which items scored the lowest percentage of favorable ratings.

Who was surveyed

  • Out of 8,318 staff invited to participate, 4,878 responded.
    • Approximately 59% response rate.
  • Out of 4,364 faculty invited to participate, 2,010 responded.
    • Approximately 46% response rate.

Survey result summaries

Gallagher’s consultants highlighted key findings, identified areas of success or opportunities for improvement and offered guidance on prioritization, goal setting and action planning based on the results. 

On a six-point scale ranging from 1 being strongly disagree to 6 being strongly agreeoverall engagement scores averaged 4.64 for staff and 4.43 for faculty. Percent favorable, as shown in the reports and tables, is the sum of points 4 through 6 — somewhat agree, agree and strongly agree.

The table below shows highlights from both the faculty and staff result report summaries.

Staff survey statements Percent favorable
I am willing to give my best effort to help ASU be successful. 98
ASU is taking meaningful steps toward supporting the inclusion of all people. 94
I am proud to work at ASU. 90
My contributions are valued by my department. 89
I am paid fairly for the work I do. 59

2022–23 staff survey result summary

Faculty survey statements Percent favorable
I understand ASU’s vision and strategic imperatives. 94
I am proud to work at ASU. 92
ASU is taking meaningful steps toward supporting the inclusion of all people. 87
I can achieve my career objectives at ASU. 78
Work is distributed fairly in my department. 60

2022–23 faculty survey result summary

The Office of Human Resources will work with university leadership to create action plans based on the results to help make ASU an even better place to work.