EHS training request

If this is a life-threatening emergency, please contact 911.

Environmental Health and Safety can be reached during business hours by calling 480-965-1823 or sending an email

For after-hour emergencies, call ASU Police Department at 480-965-3465. 

What training are you requesting?
Please provide the location for aerial or fork lift training.
Required age and physical status information
Are you 18 years of age or older?
Minors or persons under 18 are not allowed in ASU spaces containing radioactive material unless permission is obtained from the RSO. Children of university employees are not permitted in these spaces. Personnel under the age of 18 who desire to work with radioactive material must receive written permission to do so from the RSO.
Gender at birth
Due to concerns about prenatal radiation exposure, as written in Appendix B, ARRA regulations provide separate limits for the fetus of declared pregnant workers. The limit is 0.5 rem dose equivalent to the fetus during pregnancy.

This limit only applies to workers who have formally declared pregnancy in writing. Declaration of pregnancy should be sent to the RSO and include the estimated date of conception.