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Radiation Safety

The mission of the Office of Radiation Safety is to develop and implement safety programs for sources of radiation at ASU facilities. These sources include radioactive materials, ionizing radiation producing equipment, and lasers.

In managing these programs, Office of Radiation Safety staff must:

  1. Comply with State and Federal regulations.
  2. Provide assurance to University personnel and the Tempe community that radiation sources are managed responsibly.
  3. Provide services to laboratories and facilities using radiation sources.

To accomplish these goals, duties performed by the Office of Radiation Safety staff include:

  1. Inspections and surveys of equipment and laboratories.
  2. Approval of procedures, facilities, and protective devices during use of sources.
  3. Maintain inventories of radiation sources.
  4. Train radiation source users, DPS officers, and Physical Plant personnel.
  5. Monitor radiation doses for individuals using ionizing radiation sources.
  6. Calibrate and maintain radiation detection equipment.
  7. Analyze samples from contamination surveys.
  8. Collect, process, and dispose of radioactive waste.
  9. Maintain records for review by regulatory inspectors.
  10. Prepare audits of ASU's radioactive material program.

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