Faculty and staff

Payroll deduction policy

Employees are responsible for all payroll deductions from the date of purchase until the permit has been paid in full. The full purchase price of the permit must be paid, regardless of payment method, unless the employment is terminated and the permit is returned before the established spring return deadline for all permit holders, March 15. Permits may not be returned any time after that to stop payroll deductions unless the employment is terminated or the employee is on approved sabbatical, military leave or FMLA leave.

If an employee is no longer eligible for payroll deduction, then the employee is responsible for any missed deductions or the outstanding balance due on the permit from the date of the last payroll deduction. Employee Platinum Passes may be returned at any time to stop payroll deductions.

Vehicle registration and emissions

Under ARS 28-2001, all Arizona residents must obtain Arizona vehicle registration unless they are a student or a member of the active military service assigned to the Department of Military Science or the Department of Aerospace Studies.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality administers the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program. All vehicles, regardless of the state in which they are registered, must comply with the State of Arizona emissions standards to receive a university parking permit to park on campus.

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