Career EDGE

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Welcome to ASU Career EDGE. Access job-related training and ongoing professional development opportunities offered by ASU and LinkedIn Learning.


  • All active employees who receive a paycheck from ASU.
  • Students workers who need to complete employee-related training. Note: Students who need training for academic course work must complete those activities in Canvas. See your professor or lab manager for instructions. 
  • Anyone with a pre-approved security role as a sub-affiliate or volunteer.  

Accessing Career EDGE 

The training system is accessible to only active employees and student workers through their My ASU account. Nonemployee volunteers must contact their manager or volunteer coordinator to receive more information on how to access Career EDGE. 

Department access 

Managers and volunteer coordinators should work with department HR liaisons to obtain sub-affiliate and security roles for nonemployees who must complete training in Career EDGE. Department HR liaisons can refer to a step-by-step guide about the process for sub-affiliate and security roles.

Contact the Experience Center at 1-844-448-1075 for details or inquiries about Career EDGE. 

Career EDGE portal

Start your professional learning today in Career EDGE

  • Access job-related and elective ASU training.
  • Access more than 14,000 online professional development workshops on LinkedIn Learning.
  • Create a record of all your Career EDGE and Linkedln Learning courses.
  • Personalize development courses for your current role and prepare you for future ASU opportunities.


Why can’t I find a new hire to register for employee orientation? 

New hires are processed 10 days before their start date then access is granted to Career EDGE. You can register your employee 24 hours after the job record appears in PeopleSoft for human resources. 

Note: New employees are not uploaded to Career EDGE during payroll lockout, which occurs biweekly Thursday through Tuesday.

Why can a sub-affiliate or volunteer not access Career EDGE?

The nonemployee may not have these items:  

  • An eligible sub-affiliation.
  • An ASU Career-EDGE-user security role.  
  • An activated ASURITE Account.

How do I view my completed training?

     Step 1: From the welcome page, click on My Transcript
     Step 2: Click the dropdown menu Active and select Completed.

I have completed training before, but it is not listed, where did it go?
Completed training is visible in your Completed Transcript view. Training that is more than four years old will appear in your Archived Transcript view.

I am a manager; how can I assign training to my employees?
If you are the employee’s manager, find the training and click on Assign. Next, select the employee who needs to take the training and click Submit.  If you are not the employee’s manager, you need the security role of department learning administrator and use the Learning Assignment Tool in Career EDGE.  


The human resources analytics department provides HR data analytics to further the operational and strategic vision of the New American University by collaborating with internal and external partners at ASU. Career EDGE reports include information about various aspects of completed ASU training records and non-employee eligible sub-affiliation status. Visit Career EDGE Training Reports to view completed ASU training.

Follow these steps to view your report: 
1.    Access the HR analytics using your ASU RITE user ID and password. 
2.    Click on Groups located on the taskbar.
3.    Enter Career EDGE Training Report in the search field.
4.    Find and select Career EDGE Training Report.  
5.    Select the Reports tab.
6.    Select the report you want to view. 

For assistance about how to run reports, submit a ServiceNow request. 


All active users have the role of learner but may have additional roles in Career EDGE. 

Assignor and transcript viewers
Required is training and acceptance of the code of conduct to be granted this role. Contact HR Learning and Workforce Development for details. 


  • Assign training.
  • View transcripts.

Department learning administrators
Required is training and acceptance of the code of conduct to be granted this role. Contact HR Learning and Workforce Development for details. 


  • Assign training.
  • Create, edit or delete training content.
  • View transcripts.

Submit a Service Now ticket to request this role. Specify your department when requesting the role. 


  • Create sessions.
  • View or edit rosters.

This role is anyone in PeopleSoft listed in the Reports To field for an employee.


  • Directly assign training to the employees who report to them according to PeopleSoft.
  • View their employees’ transcripts.