Vacation Accrual

ASU provides holiday, vacation and sick leave plans to help staff and faculty balance personal and business commitments. Eligibility for vacation leave plan participation is based on the type of category. Employees must work at least a .5 FTE work schedule and vacation leave is accrued on a biweekly basis. These charts are effective beginning Oct. 1, 2020.

Accrual schedule 1

For Classified Staff and University Staff categories 1 and 2 at 100% FTE:

Years of service Maximum accrual hours per pay period Maximum annual accrual hours Maximum carryover hours*
0 – 2 years 3.38 88 320
2 – 4 years
after the second anniversary date
4.92 128 320
More than 4 years
after the fourth anniversary date
6.77 176 320

Accrual schedule 2

For Administrators, Faculty and Academic Professionals with fiscal year appointments and University Staff Categories 3, 4 and 5 at 100% FTE:

Maximum accrual hours per pay period Maximum annual accrual hours Maximum carryover hours*
6.77 176 320

Note: Accumulated vacation is computed based on a full-time, eight-hour day. Employees who work less than full-time, but at least .5 FTE, are credited with vacation leave adjusted to the percentage of time worked.

*Vacation balance adjustments occur at the end of the pay period which includes December 31st.

SPP 702-01 Vacation Leave - General Policy

Postdoctoral Scholars

The university’s vacation policy provides postdoctoral scholars with 10 days paid vacation in year one of appointment and 15 days in years 2–4 of appointment.

  • Full-time postdoctoral scholars  1.0 FTE - on a fiscal year appointment accrue vacation as shown below. Full-time postdoctoral scholars on an academic appointment do not accrue vacation hours.
  • Part-time postdoctoral scholars .5 to .99 FTE - accrue vacation based on the percentage of time worked.
  • Postdoctoral vacation hours do not carry over from calendar year to calendar year and are not paid out at the conclusion of the postdoctoral appointment.
First-year of appointment - first 26 pay periods Subsequent years of appointment
3.08 hours—up to 10 days 4.62 hours—up to 15 days per year

Read more about guidelines for Postdoctoral Scholars on the University Provost's webpage.