Sustainability goals and vision

Sustainability goals and vision

ASU is committed to leading the world by example with the following sustainability goals:

  1. Circular Resource System: Promoting Zero Waste by adapting the goods we consume to maximize their use before sending them back into the economy for the most productive use possible.

  2. Climate Positive: Working towards a net positive impact on the climate.

  3. Collaborative Action: Leveraging interdisciplinary and cross-departmental efforts to design and implement enterprise sustainability solutions.

  4. Community Success: Integrating justice, equity, diversity and inclusion principles throughout ASU practices.

  5. Food Reconnection: Fostering a strong relationship with food, knowledge of its sources and impacts on the health of our planet, and encouraging plant-forward diets.

  6. Optimizing Water: Striving to use the right quantity and quality of water for the right purpose at the right time.

  7. Personal Action: Engaging ASU students, faculty and staff in individual behavior that supports sustainability goals on campus and in their personal lives.

  8. Climate Resilience: Ensuring ASU thrives in the face of climate change.

Academic and research contributors to sustainability at ASU include: