Sustainability Goals and vision

ASU is committed to leading the world by example to a more sustainable and resilient future by:

  • achieving internal sustainability goals and related external commitments

  • generating the solutions, education, engagement and research that empowers the world to achieve sustainability

ASU set four formal, aggressive internal sustainability goals in its 2011 Strategic Plan for Sustainability Operations and Practices. These goals were updated in 2017 to incorporate:

  • advancements in technology and research

  • convergence of university mission with operations in a living laboratory environment that extends to the broader world

  • increased urgency in addressing climate change and resource depletion

  • learning from the practice of implementation 


Sustainability is embedded into departmental goals and operational practices across ASU, involving the coordination of many departments and initiatives. The major contributors to sustainability coordination include: 

University Sustainability Practices

Coordinates ASU operational sustainability, internal engagement, measurement and reporting and celebration of achievement.

Facilities Development and Management

Coordinates renewable energy, energy efficiency, zero waste, green building design, construction and maintenance, sustainable landscaping and other activities.

The Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

Coordinates solutions, engagement, education and research to enable better lives.

Sustainability contacts at ASU:

Circular resources

A circular resource system achieves Zero Waste by adapting the goods we consume to maximize their use before sending them back into the economy for the most productive use possible.

Join the Zero Waste team

Climate positive

The goal of a university is not to have the least impact possible, but rather the greatest net positive impact possible.

Collaborative action

Collaborative action leverages the power of University departments working together to align missions, policies, processes, programs and activities for consistency with ASU sustainability goals. 

Join other Sun Devils in team engagement opportunities.

Community Success

As a New American University measured not by whom we exclude but rather by whom we include and how they succeed, we must embrace the diversity that charter brings to improve understanding, acceptance and wellbeing of all campus community members and, thus, broader society.

See social equity goals woven into the seven other university sustainability goals and also get a sense of other actions ASU takes to promote community success

Food reconnection

Fundamental to our health, productivity and connection with nature is a strong relationship with nutritional food, knowledge of its sources and impacts on the health of our planet.

Optimized water

Optimizing ASU’s water use involves applying a systems approach to use the right quantity and quality of water for the right purpose at the right time.

Become personally and professionally involved to address climate change through personal action and collaborative action.

Personal action

Personal Action involves the engagement of ASU students, staff and faculty community members in individual behavior that supports sustainability goals on campus and in their personal lives. Learn about some of your opportunities to get personally engaged.


With climate change already impacting our mission, operations and communities we serve, we will adapt not just for resilience in the face of greater future changes, but to regenerate our environment and our surrounding communities.