Sustainability Recognition Program

ASU’s Sustainability Recognition Program provides opportunities to recognize individual and team contributions to ASU's sustainability goals. Participants choose an area of interest: lifestyle, student organization or events. They then review the training materials and complete the pledge. Topics covered include actions like "Promoting Sustainable Culture," "Saving Water," "Saving Energy" and "Reducing Waste." For instance, the Lifestyle Recognition provides a water footprint calculator. Upon completion, participants become recognized as a contributor to ASU's sustainability initiatives.

The program will guide participants through the process. Most assessments take a total of 15 minutes to complete. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate. Thank you for your commitment to sustainability practices at ASU. 

Enroll in the ASU Sustainability Recognition Program

Program Designed for: Students Faculty Staff Renewal Requirement
Lifestyle All ASU community members X X X Once
Student Organizations Student organization leadership X     Once
*Events Event planning teams X X X

Per event

*Sustainable Event Planner trainings, which certifies any ASU staff member as a "Sustainable Event Planner" are also available each semester.