SUN Award

    ASU staff and faculty recognized their colleagues with nearly 12,000 SUN Awards in 2023.

    Top SUN Award

    Leadership and Workforce Development selects four recipients for an annual Top SUN Award based on the following criteria:

    • The number of awards received for different items and projects.
    • The variety of SUN Award categories received.
    • The variety of senders.
    • Statements that indicate quality performance.
    • Supervisor interviews to confirm performance and that the individual is a good candidate for a Top SUN Award.

    Give a SUN Award

    The SUN Award is an easy way to give specific, immediate recognition to one of your ASU co-workers. It is a thoughtful, positive way to honor an employee for supporting university goals. You can submit a SUN Award to any faculty, staff or student worker who demonstrates individual excellence. A copy of the award can also be sent to the employee’s supervisor, manager or director.

    Categories of excellence

    • Exemplary services.
    • Demonstrating leadership.
    • Innovation.
    • Social embeddedness.
    • Sun Devil pride.
    • Supporting student success.
    • Sustainability.
    • Valuing diversity.

    How to give a SUN Award
    Fill out an online form and personalize it with a short explanation that describes why you are sending the SUN Award. When you submit the online form, you and the recipient will be notified via email. Give someone an award today. If the award link does not work, please make sure you are connected to ASU's VPN client and try again. 

    The SUN Award is an employee-based program; only active employees, including student workers, can send and receive SUN Awards

    Download a poster for your office or break room to encourage others to help recognize great work.