Promotional items Including T-shirts and polo contract

ASU's licensing agent, Collegiate Licensing Company, connects the university to various manufacturers on its website.

You can purchase a shirt, water bottle or other items from an approved vendor. Imprinting the item with the ASU logo or wordmark, including the ASU Pitchfork, requires a licensed vendor to be used.

Trademark infringement is illegal. ASU owns the rights to any mark, nickname, letter or word associated with Arizona State University, including any graphic representation relating to the following:

  • Arizona State University.
  • Arizona State.
  • ASU.
  • Sparky.
  • Sun Devils.
  • The Official University Seal, etc. 

Manufacturers are legally bound to obtain a license to produce items containing ASU's logos and trademarks.

All the ASU Licensees found in SunMart have met the requirements for obtaining a license. These requirements include their ability to meet graphic standards and compliance with ethical and socially responsible business practices, including environmental stewardship and the Fair Labor Association Code of Conduct. View more information about ASU's Trademark Management.

Download the current list of ASU licensees

RFP Contract #202101 Licensed Apparel University-Wide

The following awarded Licensed Apparel University-Wide contractors can provide you with quotes, samples, artwork, availability and delivery of water-based ink T-Shirts and polo-styled embroidered shirt apparel:

Please reference ASU RFP contract 202101 with quotes and invoicing as a reminder. You can choose any of the contractors listed above.