Moving services

ASU Purchasing and Business Services uses E&I cooperative purchasing agreement CNR-01503 for moving and relocation services.

UniGroup C.A. a Missouri cooperative association with offices at 1 Premier Dr. Fenton, MO 63026 is the awarded supplier under E&I contract CNR-01503, on behalf of its affiliates United Van Lines LLC, Mayflower Transit LLC, Armstrong Relocation Companies LLC and such other affiliates may provide relocation.

These contracts cover a range of negotiated pricing according to the type of relocation services required and points of service by territories.

If you choose to use a professional move with ASU funds, please ensure you utilize the moving companies under the UniGroup affiliate, as listed below and will be updated as more information becomes available.

You must have authorization by a contract or purchase order if expenses exceed $10,000. The department issuing the request initiates this process in Workday. Costs less than $10,000 do not require a purchase order. The department can request a PO.

ASU's P-Card is also available for departments when they incur expenses relating to a single contracted company.

ASU Purchasing and Business Services will not resolve any problems encountered with any vendor other than the moving companies with whom ASU has contractual agreements. Using non-ASU contracted moving companies may not provide adequate protection for damage or the leverage to solve problems. Regardless of how you manage a move, moving expense payments to vendors for ASU employees must follow university policies and procedures.

Moving office goods:

  1. Contact ASU Moving and Event Services at 480-965-1833.
  2. If Moving and Event Services cannot manage the move, obtain a quote from one of the approved vendors.
  3. Department authorizes payment:
    • If the price exceeds $10,000, the department should send an email to request a temporary P-Card increase. Please include the quote, the name on the P-Card, the card's last four digits and the business purpose. 
    • If a P-Card is not available, submit a requisition to ASU Purchasing and Business Services and attach a copy of the two price estimates and all pertinent information.
    • If the price is under $10,000, you may use a P-Card or another small-dollar purchasing method.

Moving household goods:

  1. Regardless of where you live, contact the moving company booking agent listed below to maximize all benefits or discounts and access the E&I Cooperative Services contract. The agent will provide the E&I guaranteed not-to-exceed price estimate and coordinate the entire move with the moving agent in your city of residence. Other booking agents for these moving companies are not authorized to book moves under the E&I contract.
  2. Confirm the amount your department is willing to pay for moving expenses.
  3. Obtain at least two guaranteed not-to-exceed price estimates from the authorized vendors listed below and select one of them for your move.
  4. Submit your selection and all price estimates to your ASU department.
  5. The department will determine payment method:
    • P-Card ­­ — The department should call the selected moving company with the P-Card account number.
    • Requisition — The department should enter requisition in the Workday. Purchasing will create the purchase order and provide it to the supplier.
  6. Copies of the two price estimates.
  7. Name of the contracted moving company and quote number, if applicable.
  8. Date of move and any pertinent particulars needed to ensure a successful move, like the packing date and storage information.
  9. Name and phone number of the employee moving.
  10. Employee’s original address and destination address.

Authorized moving companies for moving household goods:
Departments should use the Supplier ID listed next to each name for your requisition in Workday.

Armstrong Relocation, Supplier ID-TBD, United Van Lines agent, E&I Contract Number: CNR-01503
1900 N. Indianwood Ave., STE B
Broken Arrow OK 74012
Email John Silvernail, booking agent. Call 918-665-8305 or 585-749-1643.

Dircks Moving Services, Inc. Supplier ID: S-000960, Mayflower agent, E&I Contract Number: CNR-01503
4340 W. Mohave St.
Phoenix AZ 85043
Email Rick Dircks, booking agent  Call 602-269-5521.

Horizon Moving & Logistics, Supplier ID-S-001811, United Van Lines agent, E&I Contract Number: CNR-01503
1717 E. Rairdan Lane
Phoenix AZ 85043
Email Tina Bollinger, booking agent. Call 520-355-7612.