Public Safety Personnel Retirement System

All ASU corporals, lieutenants, police officers, recruits and sergeants who are certified peace officers regularly assigned to hazardous duty and employed to work at least 40 hours per week for more than six months in a calendar year are required to contribute to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System - Arizona Revised Statutes §38-842 - 24 and 31. Exception: PSPRS retirees receiving a pension.

PSPRS provides retirement benefits to Arizona’s public safety employees designed to meet the special needs of personnel engaged in hazardous duty situations.

Local board

The university has its own local board consisting of five members—three persons appointed by the Governor’s Office and two persons who are PSPRS members elected by ASU PSPRS members. The local board has the authority to determine membership eligibility and payment of benefits, including eligibility to receive disability payments in accordance with state statutes.


Participation is determined by your membership date with the PSPRS. Existing active members of the PSPRS will be automatically enrolled based on your membership date in their system.

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