PSPRS membership on or after July 1, 2017

After ASU submits your employment information to PSPRS, you will receive an email from PSPRS with enrollment instructions. You will have the option to elect the PSPRS defined benefit plan or PSPRS defined contribution plan during your first 90 days of eligible employment. Your election is irrevocable for the duration of your career in Arizona. Participation in either plan begins in the pay period that includes your 91st day of eligible employment. PSPRS retirement contributions are calculated on eligible compensation and withheld from your paycheck on a before-tax basis. Enrollment in the defined contribution plan includes an accompanying Disability Fund. Contribution rates shown below are subject to change each July 1. Long-term disability and cancer insurance benefits are included and premiums are paid by the university. While actively employed, you may not borrow from or withdraw contributions from your account.

Read the Local Board Rules and Regulations and Medical Requirements and complete the Acknowledgement of Receipt provided by Business and Finance. Complete the PSPRS Membership Form and Beneficiary Form. Submit all forms to the Office of Human Resources.

Defined benefit plan    
Fiscal year ending  Contribution source  Contribution rate 
2020 Employee 9.94%
Employer 39.03%
2021 Employee 9.94%
Employer 40.66%
2022 Employee 9.94%
Employer 42.74%
2023 Employee 9.94%
Employer 47.02%
2024 Employee 9.56%
Employer 10.57%
Defined contribution plan and disability fund      
Fiscal year ending Contribution source Retirement contribution rate Disability fund contribution rate
2020 Employee 9% minimum 1.51%
Employer 38.09% 1.51%
2021 Employee 9% minimum 1.41%
Employer 39.72% 1.41%
2022 Employee 9% minimum 0.88%
Employer 41.80% 0.88%
2023 Employee 9% minimum 1.66%
Employer 46.08% 1.66%
2024 Employee 9% minimum 1.43%
Employer 10.01% 1.43%


Eligibility to retire from the PSPRS varies depending on your membership tier. Employees whose membership began on or after July 1, 2017, are eligible for early retirement at age 52 1/2 with 15 years of service and for normal retirement at age 55 with 15 or more years of service. Additional retirement options include Deferred Retirement Option Plan, also known as DROP, and disability retirement.

Working after retirement

Any PSPRS retiree who is considering returning to work for ASU or another PSPRS employer should be familiar with the PSPRS return-to-work rules before making any re-employment decisions.

Effective July 2011, PSPRS employers are required to pay an alternate contribution rate to the PSPRS, if they employ a retired member in any capacity. The ACR is subject to change each July 1.

Refund of contributions and termination of membership

When you leave employment with all PRPRS employers, you may request a refund of contributions and termination of membership in lieu of receiving retirement benefits.

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