Occupational health

ASU Employee Health offers job-related screening related to biological, chemical, noise, laser, radiological and other workplace exposures. This includes pre-placement, or post-job offer, physical examinations. We also provide job placement assessments, periodic examinations and maintenance of confidential employee health records, including individual screening results.

Our services


Ergonomics assessments and recommendations to help prevent or minimize ergonomics-related health concerns.


Immunizations to prevent illness and injury in the workplace. We will assess your risk for exposure and offer the appropriate immunizations with the information you provide in our occupational health questionnaires. 

Employee vaccinations

  • Hepatitis A.
  • Hepatitis B.
  • Influenza.
  • Measles Mumps Rubella, or MMR.
  • Specialty or research-required vaccinations.
  • Tetanus.
  • Travel vaccinations.

Laboratory and testing services

  • Routine blood work.
  • Lab draws.
  • Tuberculosis testing.
  • Urinalysis. 
  • Other specialized testing.

Medical monitoring and surveillance

  • Exposure treatment and coordination of care.
  • Physicals.
    • Annual physicals.
    • DOT physicals.
    • Hazardous Materials physicals and monitoring.
    • Pre-employment physicals.
  • Research-related health consultations.
  • Worker’s compensation follow-up.
  • Workplace injury treatment and follow-up.

Required regulatory testing

  • Hazardous materials required monitoring.
  • Hearing conservation program.
  • Respiratory protection program.
    • Fit testing – N95, full-face and half-face respirators.
    • Respirator medical clearance.

Other services

  • Develop and implement health promotion programs.
  • Manage and treat work-related illnesses and injuries, emphasizing early recognition and intervention; make recommendations about work restrictions; follow up with and monitor employees as they return to work.
  • Offer guidance for case management of employees who have prolonged or complex illnesses and injuries.