Faculty, academic professionals leave requests

The following information provides instructions about how to request a leave and keep your employer informed of changes. 

Step 1: Request leave.

  1. Request the leave 30 days prior to the leave for a planned leave, include approximate duration. Immediately for an unplanned leave, include approximate duration. 
  2. Notify the following contacts:
    1. School director, department chair or dean.
    2. Department HR representative. 
  3. Submit a service request.
    1. Send an email to HR disability. Use Leave Request in the subject line.
    2. Provide your name, employee ID, estimated leave start and end date, and phone number in the email. 
  4. Submit one of the following leave of absence request forms listed. Complete all sections of the form before you submit your request.  You will be sent a leave packet after your request is received. 

Step 2: Submit the required documentation

  1. Submit required documents as specified in the leave packet. 
  2. Return to work: 
  • If you are out for your own serious health condition, submit a Health Care Provider Release to Return to Work or Certificate of Illness form five business days prior to your return to work. Failure to provide the form will delay your return to work.
  • If you are not out for your own serious health condition, confirm your return date five business days prior to your return to work.  

Step 3:  Time reporting

Contact your department to confirm the process and deadlines for reporting sick, vacation and or compensatory time while you are on a leave of absence. 

Step 4:  Keep the university informed

Follow these instructions for a leave of absence change or a leave extension. 

  • Notify your school director, department chair, dean and Human Resources Benefits of leave of absence changes as soon as possible.
  • These leaders and HR must be notified within five business days prior to your original return to work for leave extensions.  You will be asked to provide documentation to support the extension request.

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