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Welcome to ASU Ergonomics

Welcome to ASU Ergonomics

Welcome to the ASU Ergonomics site. Ergonomics can literally be defined as the study of designing equipment and devices

 that fit the human body, its movements and its cognitive abilities. This site is designed to help with ergonomics related issues that may come up at ASU.  The site contains links to many resources at ASU including furniture vendors and others that may be able to provide assistance.

What You Will Find Here 

Here you will find a self-evaluation for office related work designed to help you with the proper setup of your

 workstation computer. To locate the self-evaluation link first click on the Office Ergonomics link on the left hand 

side of this page. All questions should have a “yes” response but if not, potential solutions are provided to help you

 fix any problems you identify during the evaluation. 

Information related to other resources are provided in the event that the self-evaluation is not completely successful

 in alleviating pain or discomfort. We hope you find this information useful.  If you have questions or suggestions,

 please forward them to