Impaired vehicles: In the event a vehicle breaks down and must be parked in an unauthorized area, the vehicle’s driver should immediately notify ASU Police by calling 480-965-3456 or by using an emergency call box. Disabled vehicles must be removed within 24 hours. For free assistance with battery jumps or retrieval of keys locked in vehicles parked on ASU campus property, contact PTS Dispatch.

Liability: Arizona State University assumes no liability arising from fire, theft, damage to or loss of vehicles, bicycles or other micro-mobility devices, or any article left therein. Only a license of space is granted, and no bailment is created. Acceptance of a parking permit constitutes acknowledgment by the holder that he or she has read and agrees to the provisions of ASU’s Parking Rules and Regulations.

Lot closures and event parking: It may occasionally be necessary to close individual lots because of construction, athletic or special events scheduled by ASU—e.g., football, basketball, concerts, etc.. Parking and Transit Services shall designate such activities. PTS will endeavor to notify permit holders through public notice before such closures and provide information on alternate parking. If PTS is unable to reach the owner of a vehicle and it becomes necessary, a vehicle may be relocated at the owner’s expense. Current Tempe campus permit holders may park in their assigned lots for events only if that lot is south of University Drive. There is no charge for parking in non-residence hall lots south of University Drive during specified events when a current ASU parking permit is displayed correctly. If the event is south of University Drive, PTS will make every effort to accommodate permit holders in their assigned lot or direct them to alternate parking.

Parking permits: A parking permit licenses the holder to park one vehicle as directed. Permits and gate access cards are not transferable in any manner. Resale is prohibited and will subject both buyer and seller to fines and possible disciplinary action—e.g., dean’s referral. Falsification of information on parking applications may result in the recall or cancellation of a parking permit, and may also subject the individual to fines or disciplinary action.

Small municipal separate storm sewer system general permit: Arizona State University complies with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System General Permit AZG2016-002. Parking lot runoff is a significant contributor to non-point source pollution of our waterways. State Law requires that parking facilities are maintained to reduce the amount of litter, trash, suspended solids, hydrocarbons, oil, grease and heavy metals that contribute to stormwater runoff pollution. ASU provides trash and recyclable receptacles for proper disposal purposes and prohibits vehicle maintenance on-premises.

Signage: Vehicles must be parked only, where spaces have been designated and within a legal parking space. The temporary absence of a sign or gate arm at the entrance of a parking area does not indicate free parking or the removal of the parking restrictions for that area. If restrictions are altered, notices will be posted by PTS and changes will be effective as posted.

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