Reporting a job-related injury or illness

All ASU employees must complete the following steps within 48 hours of a job-related injury or illness.

  1. Notify your supervisor immediately.
  2. Work with your supervisor to complete the supervisor’s incident investigation report.  
  3. Submit the Health Care Provider Release to Return to Work Certificate of Illness or Injury form to your supervisor prior to your return-to-work date. You will be sent home if this form is not completed by the treating provider.
  4. Fax medical records to 480-993-0007.
  5. Complete and submit the industrial compensation authorization form.

ASU employees in the United States should call 911 if the incident is a medical emergency. For non-emergencies, call CorVel at 1-800-685-2877 to report a work-related injury or illness. University employees working on the Tempe campus can contact ASU Employee Health services for non-emergency injuries, 8 a.m. to 5 a.m., Monday-Friday.

ASU employees on approved international business travel should print and carry the ASU Travel Insurance Card at all times. Should you need assistance, call the 24/7 phone number on the card, reference the policy number and the State of Arizona. Visit the travel insurance webpage for details. For life-threatening injury or illness, call the local emergency services.  

Contact ADOA Risk Management Division for inquiries about your established claims at 602-542-2182. Review the Workers' Compensation for State of Arizona Employees brochure for details about insurance.  

Request for physician change

If you voluntarily visit a physician more than once, it is interpreted that you have officially selected your physician. Once you have selected a physician you must request a change in writing through the Industrial Commission of Arizona. It will be at the ICA's discretion to approve or deny your request.


If you receive notifications of a work-related injury or illness, follow these steps:


View our policies for details about incident reporting and investigation and information related to faculty and staff.

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