Workday HCM project springs into 2024

The ASU Human Capital Management Workday Innovation Implementation Project team is developing Workday HCM, ASU’s new human resources and payroll system launching in January 2025. Workday HCM is where employees will complete many job-related tasks, such as:

  • Hire and onboard employees.
  • Manage their employee profile.
  • Process payroll.
  • Request time off.
  • View benefits.

Past achievements

 The HCMWI project team took several vital steps in 2023 as it:

  • Began the project’s Architect and Configure phase.
  • Created outreach plans to engage the ASU community and prepare them for the new system.
  • Designed essential Workday HCM functions and demonstrated them to end-users via customer confirmation sessions.
  • Developed a training plan to assess employee training needs.
  • Met with university departments and partners to discuss their requirements and preferences for the new system.

Looking ahead

The HCMWI project team begins 2024 with several new initiatives, including:

  • Module unit testing: Ensure individual aspects of Workday HCM, like HR and payroll processes, function as designed before being implemented into a single system.
  • Supervisory organizations: Work with university HR leaders to design accurate supervisory organizations, a hierarchical structure of each unit’s personnel. Sup Orgs are foundational to all Workday HCM processes, such as hiring and payroll.
  • Training development: Change specialists have begun creating training materials for ASU employees and managers. These materials will cover essential actions, like how to manage benefits, hire employees and request time off.

The project team will also create in-person and virtual events to demonstrate Workday HCM capabilities to the ASU community and answer questions. These events will include campus-specific town halls, appearances at department meetings and other outreach.

Please email the HCMWI Implementation team with questions or for more information.

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