Change specialists engage readiness coordinators

The ASU Human Capital Management Workday Innovation Implementation Project recently began connecting readiness coordinators with project change specialists.

Readiness coordinators are department representatives who share their unit’s processes and needs with the HCMWI project team. Readiness coordinators also communicate new Workday HCM processes to their departments and provide feedback to the HCMWI project team.

HCMWI project change specialists will first learn about each department’s processes, giving them insight into each department’s needs. Change specialists will relay those needs to the HCMWI project team and eventually provide training for departments. Change specialists will work with readiness coordinators throughout the project.

The collaboration between readiness coordinators and change specialists will help departments embrace new Workday HCM capabilities when it launches in spring 2025.

Please email the HCMWI Implementation team with questions or for more information.

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