Strategic Consulting Services

Consultants provide expertise and services in the following markets: Defense, government, infrastructure, space, global offset, counter trade and technical assistance. There is no specific statement of work awarded. You can engage suppliers on an as-needed basis.

Consultants' common functions:

  • Access to research centers, subcontract opportunities and private sector relationships.
  • Advanced knowledge of potential grant and funding opportunities.
  • Develop customized collateral associated with ASU offerings to facilitate partnership opportunities.
  • Identify and clarify new and possible markets to pursue based on ASU needs.
  • Liaise with ASU faculty and researchers to further develop projects.
  • Provide advice and advanced training on research projects, industries and partnerships opportunities.
  • Provide regular, comprehensive reporting associated with activities, accomplishments and resources pursued and secured on behalf of the university.
  • Represent ASU at industry conferences and other stakeholder meetings as required to advance ASU's interests.
  • Represent ASU with external partners to support project and proposal development.
  • Secure revenue-generating projects consistent with the mission and directive of ASU stakeholders.

Awarded suppliers under RFP 032004: