Shredding Service

ASU departments may request four sizes of lockable containers to dispose of confidential, sensitive or protected information securely. The Shredding service containers, pickup and delivery are free.

Program benefits:

  • Convenient: Schedule a pickup or request one on demand by filling out the webform.
  • Cost-effective: Free containers and pickups. Charges only apply to shredding.
  • Secure: All documents are in locked containers until shredding.
  • Sustainable: Less vehicle traffic on campus as staff deliver and collect the containers.
  • Zero Waste: All documents recycled and counted toward ASU's sustainability goals.

Fill out the Shredding service form to request an on-demand or scheduled pickup.

Bulk requests

If you have boxes of documents to be shredded, please contact us to arrange for a special collection.

Sizes and prices

  • Personal: 20" d x 11" w x 30" h, holds up to 60 pounds, $10.
  • Executive cabinet: 19" d x 19" w x 36" h, holds up to 80 pounds, $20.
  • Wheeled 64-gallon bin: 29" d x 24" w x 42" h, holds up to 250 pounds, $30.
  • Wheeled 96-gallon bin: 34" d x 25" w x 46" h, holds up 350 pounds, $45.

What to shred

Sensitive information printed on office paper is acceptable for shredding. You do not have to remove staples, small paper clips or rubber bands.

What can be shredded:

  • Budget printouts, financial reports or documents.
  • HR information.
  • Report drafts and other business documents.
  • Student information, grades and tests.

What not to shred

It is not permitted to put office waste in shredding containers. Use lined trashcans or recycling bins to dispose of regular waste. Request recycling services from the Zero Waste department.

Do not place in the shredding containers:

  • Cardboard, magazines, telephone books and hardcover books.
  • Computer discs, CDs, DVDs, backup tapes, videotapes, transparencies, ID badges, driver's licenses, microfiche, microfilm or X-rays.
  • Computer, printer and photocopier hardware.
  • Food waste, office waste, bottles, glass, cans, inks, dyes or paints.
  • Plastic bags and packing material.
  • Three-ring binders, lever-arch binders, large bulldog clips or license plates.

Contact EHS to dispose of biochemical waste, sharps, toxic substances, flammables and explosives. 

The shredding program follows ASU guidelines for document retention and destruction per PUR 206.

Email Materials Management or call 480-965-1378.