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Writing your resume

Your resume should tell hiring managers how your skills and experience meet the needs for a potential job. Use these tips and resources to help craft a resume and a cover letter.  

Resume formats

Chronological is a preferred format at ASU and can be used for most positions. It is easy to format, write and read. This format focuses on time and job continuity. Any gaps in your work experience are immediately noticeable. 

Combination uses both chronological and functional elements. This format can tailor skills and abilities to a particular job. Work history with job titles and company names are listed. 

Curriculum vitae is two or more pages primarily used by faculty. It provides specific information about teaching and research experience, including published articles, presentations, awards and affiliations.

Cover letter 

Your cover letter should be written in a natural tone, and the receiver should be: Dear Search Committee. Use an active voice and consider writing from the potential employer's point of view. 

Visit Career and Professional Development Services for additional resources and tips for resumes and cover letters.