Medical plan FAQs

How do I obtain medical ID cards? 

Visit the following carriers online for information about how to obtain your insurance cards. 

  • BCBS of AZ.  If you have a different last name, notify the provider you are covered under the employee listed on the card. Contact BCBS of AZ for confirmation of coverage.
  • UHC

How do names appear on issued medical ID cards?
BCBS of AZ issues two cards in the employee’s name only. Additional cards may be obtained. If the employee requires additional cards then the employee will need to contact BCBS of AZ to request the card. For those with different last names, they will need to notify the provider they are covered under that employee listed on the card and to contact BCBS of AZ for confirmation of coverage.
UHC issues separate cards for the employee and each covered dependent in their names.

How do I change my doctor? 
An employee enrolled in the Triple Choice Plan(TCP) or HDHP with HSA— BCBS of AZ and United Healthcare—has access to any physician in the network without a referral or without having to notify the plan administrator.

I am turning 65 in October but still plan to work until January. Should I enroll in Medicare and how does it work?
You can defer enrolling in Part B while you are actively employed. You should apply for Part B three months prior to retiring. The SSA will provide you with a form for your employer to verify that you have been covered by a group medical plan. Fax the form to 480-993-0008. 

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